Bugatti Super Woman Sells 11 Veyrons Worth £13 Million

Being a woman in a man’s world these days is a challenge for all members of the fairer sex. For Anita Krizsan this is not a problem, on the contrary. She has used her position and attractiveness to sell 11 Bugatti Veyrons only in one year.

Anita Krizsan
Anita Krizsan sells 11 Veyrons worth more than £13m in just one year

This seller of luxury cars managed to earns a whopping £13 million($20 million) worth of Bugatti Veyrons. As selling ten Veyrons outright from the Jack Barclay dealership, now she joined a european firm to sell an eleventh. Miss Krizsan said that customers when they see her usually look for male seller, but when they see how much she know about cars usually go more than satisfied, of course with the new car. The boss of Bugatti send her a special Christmas card telling her she was their ‘global benchmark’ in sales. Miss Krizsan works 24 hours a day dealing with VIP customers around the world, and goes to meet the customers in their home countries when the car keys are handed over.

Bugatti prices vary from around £1 million ($1.57 million) to £2 million ($3.14 million) each, depending on model, specification, extras, local taxes, and currency exchange rates. Most of the customers for the Veyron tend to come from places such as the Middle East and Russia. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 16.4 World Record Edition has a top speed of 258mph, accelerates from rest to 60mph in 2.3 seconds, develops 1,200 brake horse power, will average just 16mpg and has massive C02 emissions of 539g/km.

Nicknamed ‘the $20 million woman’ this 39 year old started working as an administrator at a Honda dealership but has now graduated to working with some of the most exclusive cars in the world. She and her bosses declined to talk income but the unwritten rule is that the salesman or saleswoman receiving around five per cent to 10 per cent of that profit.

But the commission on each car has not brought her trappings of great wealth her company car is a modest black diesel Volkswagen Golf and she lives unostentatiously in West London. Jack Barclay dealership in Mayfair hopes to better success in 2013, and certainly with help of Anita Krizsan. [Daily Mail]

Anita Krizsan
With her £10million a year sales translated into dollars, she has already been nicknamed ‘the $15million woman’
Anita Krizsan
Anita Krizsan is sales star of the Mayfair dealership where she works

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