Buy Rare Ford Mustang Boss 429 For $458,000

Extremely rare example of Ford Mustang Boss 429, from 1969, is recently on sale in the Netherlands, and the future owner will need to allocate sizable amount of money. The ad states that the car has only passed one kilometers, and much to the chagrin of hard-line collectors is not true, as recently was sold a copy at the official auction as a model with the lowest mileage (156 miles), but still it is impressive car, which is in perfect condition.

Buy Rare Ford Mustang Boss 429 For $458,000

Total was made only ​​859 copies, each with a V8 engine, which in this particular model produces an impressive 375 hp at 5200 r / min, and the car has become very popular among street racers of the time. Ford Mustang Boss 429 from 1969 was available with a four-speed manual transmission, and it is interesting that because of the size of engine car did not had air conditioning. To speed-up to 60mph car was needed 7.3 seconds and it has a top speed of 120mph. The price of this model, which comes in white with black leather interior is $458,000. For that money you can buy two new Audi R8 with 525 hp and 5.2-liter FSI engine, or twenty-something copies of the new Golf.

Buy Rare Ford Mustang Boss 429 For $458,000 Buy Rare Ford Mustang Boss 429 For $458,000

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