Can Be Zuckerberg, But You Can’t Buy A House

Zuckerberg House

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg may be the one of the 10 richest people in the world, but his billions can’t win regulations.
The authorities of the town of Palo Alto refused his plan to expand his empire. Apparently, Zuckerberg was planning to usurp another house near his. In 2011 Zuckerberg bought 5,000 square meters for $7 million and made his home. Two years later, he bought four nearby houses to protect his privacy. According to the plan, nothing nearby not to have access to his “main house”.

Zuckerberg House
Zuckerberg House

Rather than sell them, Zuckerberg plans to keep all the surrounding houses as complex, where friends and family, for example, can stay. But that’s not what worries auditors of Palo Alto.
Merging would mean even fewer houses on the already poor real estate market, and prices go to heaven because of the reputation of the city.
He is accused of overthrowing urban plans of the city and housing policies.
“We understand Zuckerberg, but we are obliged to respond,” said the head of the Office for Urbanism of the city and added that he expected a meeting with the head of Facebook.
Zuckerberg has previously criticized for its plans for the property. Earlier this year annoyed the neighbors because he announced that he wants to make a wall of 6 meters on his property in Hawaii.
Otherwise, Zuckerberg had previously rented a modest farm near the headquarters of Facebook, but later moved to this valuable residence in Palo Alto, California. Then, for $30 million he bought four houses mentioned above near his home, in order to avoid unpleasant neighbors.

Zuckerberg House
Zuckerberg House

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