Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors

Young Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Napoleon and Empress Sisi, they all stayed in the castle Schönbrunn in Vienna. Soon on tourists will be able to enroll on that list, of course with deeper pockets, because the castle will open its doors to ordinary people. Beginning April 30, the former summer palace of the Habsburgs, the biggest tourist attraction of the Austrian capital, will offer them sleeping in the apartment with a view of the palace gardens, and the offer also include valet, chef and carriages.

Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors

The apartment is located above the former bedroom of Emperor Franz Josef and the office where his wife Elisabeth, “Sisi” wrote poems and diary. Renovated for the sum of 400,000 euros($554,000), it consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms and a small kitchen with a fridge that will be filled with bottles of champagne. Built as a Austrian response to the castle of Versailles, Schönbrunn Palace and its gardens, which have the oldest zoo of Europe, UNESCO has classified as the world heritage of mankind. Castle attracts eight million visitors per year.

Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors

The cheapest price will be 699 euros($968) per person, and the package “honeymoon” which costs 2,700 euros($3,750) offers newlyweds wedding night in a castle with roses, champagne, mignon and romantic bath and breakfast. For 4,900 euros($6,780) per night you will get a “regal package” which includes dinner prepared by a private chef and a tour of the castle and the reception with flowers, mignon and champagne.

Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors Castle Schönbrunn In Vienna Opens Its Doors

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