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    Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato

    After joining forces to produce four special Vanquish-based models, Aston Martin and Zagato are once again collaborating on another interesting project.These are DBS GT Zagato and DB4 GT Zagato Continuation cars that will be sold in pair for £6 million. Production will be limited to just 19 copies per model, and the idea behind the […] More

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    Rolls-Royce Wraith Black & Bright Collection

    Rolls-Royce has released another special collection of Wraith models, this time inspired by parts of Moscow (the green lights of the Moscow City district and the orange illumination of the Hotel Ukraine).Wraith Black & Bright collection is made specifically for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Moscow, and includes three Wraiths with a striking two-tone exterior.The upper part […] More

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    Porsche Panamera 10 Years Edition

    Porsche is celebrating its 10th anniversary since the launch of the Panamera with a new special edition, which will be available as a Sport Turismo in addition to the regular version.As usual with such special models, the Panamera 10 Years Edition also comes with exclusive colors and details, as well as richer accessories.Here, among other […] More

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    Bentley Offers Its Own Brand Of Honey

    The British carmaker is starting beekeeping. As of recently, Bentley is offering its own brand of honey.There are several non-automotive products in Volkswagen. Remember the hotdogs with VW sign or Wolfsburg’s own ketchup brand? This was followed by Porsche, which started honey production, and now another brand, operating under the cap of the great Volkswagen, […] More

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    Karmic OSLO – The Future Of Urban Transport

    The market is full of electric bikes and scooters, so it’s a bit difficult to find specs that stand out for their features. Karmic believes it will be able to do so with its OSLO model.For this purpose, they started raising funds through Kickstarter campaign. There is a long way ahead of them at this […] More

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    How To Spoil Your Child? Buy Him €30,000 Toy!

    If their wealthy parents already enjoy expensive old-timers, then why should their children be denied such an experience.At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti announced the Baby II electric car in the form of a 3D printed model. That was enough to sell all 500 planned production copies in just three weeks.Yes, it is a […] More

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    Carlex Design Mercedes-Maybach S

    Few cars are more luxurious than Maybach, but there are those who can never get enough of exclusivity. They will be delighted by the famous tuner with this golden version.Maybach managed to survive, but exclusively as a luxury S-Class variant with a 6.0 V12 630hp and 1,000Nm engine. Of course, the workmanship is first class, […] More

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    Bentley From 1920 Returns To Production

    Not only that, it is planned to triple the size of the series almost 100 years ago.During the 1920s, Sir Tim Birkin produced four copies of this fascinating Bentley. One of these will serve as a template for creating new specimens.Yes, Bentley 4½-litre Blower is back in production. The series is now triple the size […] More

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    Mercedes Enters Electric Scooters Sector

    Mercedes-Benz at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show with little fanfare announced to enter the business of electric scooters.With urbanization on the rise, most routes that people cross on a daily basis fall into the category of “micromobility” and are therefore prime candidates for the use of bicycles, scooters and electric scooters. For example, in the […] More

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    Used $2.4 Million La Ferrari

    Another rare supercar is looking for a new owner in Dubai.Dubai is known for luxury cars that drive there and this is probably the only place in the world where you can buy used cars worth several million dollars. Now everyone is talking about the rare La Ferrari model that was produced in 2014 and […] More

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    Ferrari Purosangue Special Edition

    It’s no secret that Ferrari has decided to extend its range with SUV model. The closest competition has already made it. Porsche has long been offering Cayenne, and Lamborghini has doubled sales with Urus.We also know that the Ferrari model will be called Purosangue (purebred), and that model should be more powerful than the aforementioned […] More

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