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Spyker B6 Venator Coming in 2014

Spyker B6 Venator

After positive reaction at the Geneva Motor Show on concept B6 Venator, Spyker has decided to start the serial production of supercars. “Admission to the concept B6 Venator that was met in Geneva exceeded our expectations, so there is no doubt that he will get his serial version,” said CEO, Victor Muller. “It’s too early […]

Garia Mansory Currus Golf Car

Limited Edition Garia Mansory Currus

The Garia is the world’s first and only manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars. Their new Garia Mansory Currus is a limited to only 7 cars. The car is street legal in Europe. With two new Garia options which will soon be available on standard Garia models, Lithium batteries and Performace Pack, gives autonomy […]

1993 Ducati Supermono for $150,000

1993 Ducati Supermono

You haven’t ever heard of a single-cylinder racing motorcycle that Ducati has made in the nineties? No wonder, it s made only 67, and all were made just for the runway. From the pen of Pierre Terblanche which packaged the combined engineering and technical know-how of Massimo Bordi and Claudio Domenicali came out absolutely exotic […]

Aston Martin Rapide S Conquers U.S.

2014 Aston Martin Rapide S

United States of America has always been more appealing to all manufacturers of luxury cars due to many rich people who want only the best. Aston Martin came at this year’s show in New York with his own version of luxury, with model Rapide S. British automaker had built a peerless sedan cleverly disguised as […]

2014 Porsche 911 GT3 At New York Motor Show

2014 Porsche 911 GT3

New York Motor Show brings a diverse selection of prestigious brands and their most powerful version. So is the case with Porsche that came with the famous 2014 Porsche 911 GT3. 911 GT3 in this version features a new aero body package and 20-inch wheels, modified suspension, centrally located with two exhaust pipes, high-performance brakes […]

Range Rover Sport At The New York Motor Show

2014 Range Rover Sport

On the eve of the New York auto show Rover presented the latest Range Rover Sport. Important role in the premiere of this model has the current James Bond, British actor Daniel Craig, who drove a new car through the streets of Manhattan. Rover described this car as “the fastest and most agile” model in […]

Koenigsegg Agera R Better than Huayra, P1 and LaFerrari

Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg are pretty sure that the Agera R would be faster than the Pagani Huayra, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari, on the test track at Top Gear. The 2013 Agera R is the result of Koenigsegg’s endless pursuit of perfection. The 2013 model features new Aircore hollow carbon fiber wheels, upgraded power and enhanced aerodynamics. […]