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Christian Louboutin’s Roller-Boat Flat Sneakers Available Online for $1,095

Available in black leather and white, there’s much to love about the Christian Louboutin Roller-Boat Flat Sneakers for Spring/Summer 2013

Christian Louboutin‘s Roller Boat Flat Sneakers first made a flashy entrance on the feet of Kayne West back in 2010. We’ve also seen this iconic slip-on in black colour on famous American rapper, Gucci Mane who wore it at T.I and Young Jeezy’s Birthday Party. These are considered the more casual and comfortable version of […]

Hermès Diamond Birkin Handbag Sold for $122,500 at Heritage Auction in Dallas

Hermes 30cm Matte Havana Nilo Crocodile Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware

The Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is officially certified by Guinness World Records as the most expensive designer handbag in the world with the price of $3.8 million. It is followed by the Hermes Birkin bag created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, that was sold for $1.9 million. Hermès Diamond Birkin Handbag, sold for $122,500 […]

Lanvin’s Special Minaudière Holding Case for its Arpège Perfume To Celebrate 85th Anniversary


In 1927, Jeanne Lanvin asked André Fraysse to create a perfume for her daughter’s 30th birthday, whom he wanted to offer “the best perfume in the world.” Fraysse was only 27 years old, but with Paul Vacher’s help he created unique perfume. Marguerite, Lanvin’s daughter, already an accomplished musician, called it “Arpège” (“arpeggio”). Along with […]

Bigger Man Sunglasses by Vintage Frames Company

Biggear Man Sunglasses by Vintage Frames Company

Maybe many of you think that sunglasses are not essential accessories during these cold, often gloomy winter days. But, trust me, you’re wrong. In addition it will protect you even if a small patch of winter sun break through the clouds, the glasses are primarily an essential part of a good style. So, it’s time […]

Jimmy Choo’s ANGEL and DEVIL Panda Minaudière Clutch

Jimmy Choo's ANGEL and DEVIL Panda Minaudière Clutch

Definitely, one of the biggest names in the accessories business, Jimmy Choo has collaborated with New York visual design artist Rob Pruitt to create the special 18 piece spring/summer 2013 capsule cruise collection. The most interesting part of the collection are two unique limited edition of small panda bags that represent good and evil. These […]

Reebok Question – Black and Gold for New Year’s Eve


The Black/Gold Reebok Question that was first launched in 2006 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Reebok Question, is now coming again just in time for New Year’s Eve. Previewed by Classics Creative Director Swizz Beatz, this famous sneakers covered in Black leather with Gold accenting throughout also coming with a matching Gold hat. This […]

Swarovski Launches its First Eyewear Couture Edition

Swarovski Eyewear Couture Edition

With more than 100 year of experience in supreme mastery of precision-cutting, Swarovski is today’s synonym for luxury crystals. Celebrating crystals as a creative material that can be embedded everywhere including jewel, fashion accessories, home decor, etc., Swarovski became world’s leading producer of cut crystal, genuine gemstones and created stones. Now, for the first time, […]