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    Hennessy Introduce New Limited Edition

    Earlier this year, the Hennessy brand teamed up with Felipe Pantone to design a limited-edition bottle together, which was part of a cocktail kit created in collaboration with A$AP Ferg.Guided by the success of their first joint venture, the celebrity brand has again contacted Pantone to design a new bottle of collectibles for the holiday […] More

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    Northern Monk Unveiled UK’s Most Expensive Beer – £1,000

    Leeds-based Northern Monk brewery has launched the UK’s most expensive beer. Not only is it ultra expensive, it is brewed at the country’s highest peak.Named after the summit of the UK’s highest peak where it was made, Northern Monk believes its new beer, Ben Nevis, is the highest altitude brew in British history. Brewed with […] More

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    Would You Pay $40,000 For Babe Ruth Inspired Cocktail?

    To celebrate the opening of its swanky, new Level One ultra-lounge, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is serving up a $40,000 drink! It’s a cocktail called “The Bambino“, named after baseball great Babe Ruth. The luxurious cocktail contains a long pour of the 1940 Macallan Fine & Rare Vintage Single Malt […] More

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    Whiskey Bottle From 1926 Broke The Record: Sold For €1.7 Million

    A bottle of Scotch whiskey broke the record at an auction in London as it was sold for £1.45 million, or almost £1.7 million, confirmed auction house Sotheby’s.The previous record for a bottle of whiskey was reached last year when single malt from the same Scottish Macallan distillery was sold for £1.2 million.The bottle recently […] More

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    $1,600 Gold Burger

    America’s most luxurious burger has just arrived…You may have already read about the most expensive burger in the world, which costs $900 and contains goose pate… It being served in Japan, and while we thought it was quite luxurious and unwavering, the new burger knocked it off the throne, at almost twice the price. It’s […] More

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    Special Single Malt Whisky 50-Years Old!

    True whiskey connoisseurs would never miss the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting single malt release …Just one such opportunity is provided by the Benromach Distillery in Speyside, which has almost unveiled its rare fifty-year single malt, which is probably not like any other whiskey you have tasted before. Sweet, sleek and divine, this new release […] More

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    Patrón Just Released Its Oldest Tequila! And It’s 10-Year Old!

    To celebrate an incredible milestone, Bacardi – owned brand, Patrón released its oldest tequila to date – Extra Anejo 10 Anos Tequila. The oldest tequila made at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico is made of the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave which is harvested, baked, distilled and then aged for an impressive 10 […] More

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    Bentley Offers Its Own Brand Of Honey

    The British carmaker is starting beekeeping. As of recently, Bentley is offering its own brand of honey.There are several non-automotive products in Volkswagen. Remember the hotdogs with VW sign or Wolfsburg’s own ketchup brand? This was followed by Porsche, which started honey production, and now another brand, operating under the cap of the great Volkswagen, […] More

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    How Much Would You Pay Luxury Handmade KitKats?

    Swiss chocolate brand Nestlé has launched a luxury, handcrafted version of the popular chocolate bar for the United Kingdom, in time for the Christmas season. Of course such special “KitKat Chocolatory” creation has its price – each bar will set you back £14 ($17).The KitKat Chocolatory brings with it a whole range of KitKat experiences […] More

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    The Most Valuable Whisky Collection Worth $4.92 Million On Sale

    Whiskey connoisseurs are always looking for the best blends.And while buying a bottle from time to time may satisfy their thirst, buying a whole collection of this beloved beverage is definitely a better option. This time, we present to you the Sotheby’s auction, which introduces “the most valuable whiskey collection ever auctioned.”There are 467 bottles […] More

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