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Revamped Premium Range of Porto Cruz at TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes

CRUZ boasts strong ambitions on the premium Port category

Porto Cruz is deeply-rooted in the very history of sun-drenched Portugal, founded in 1887. The tradition of making Port has been handed down in the rugged Douro valley unchanged for centuries. Now, a leading brand in France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Russia (with 6 million litres sold in more than 50 countries) – CRUZ will […]

New Absolut vodka Dedicated to Chicago

ABSOLUT CHICAGO Limited-Edition Vodka

Absolut continues to pay homage to some of the most famous cities. Absolut SF – Vodka Dedicated To San Francisco and Absolut London are some of the company’s limited editions, part of the city-series. Absolut Chicago is the seventh city-inspired edition the company has introduced. The limited edition vodka comes in a bottle depicting the […]

Fondente Armani – Special Edition – Four New Varietes of Pralines

Fondente Armani - Special Edition - Four New Varietes of Pralines

Armani/Dolci always has some sweet treats whether is Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other special occasion. Their latest collection, Armani Fondente – Special Edition is the first in a series of four limited edition chocolates. the four new flavors are made ​​from the best quality cocoa, mixed in four different ways: Struttato version has a rich […]

Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape Series

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cityscape Series

Johnnie Walker Blue Label sets the standard, with layers and layers of flavor from hand-selected, rare casks from across the distilling regions of Scotland. The latest limited edition of this hand selected and nurtured whiskey is launched as Cityscape series. Diaego has hired Singapore design agency Innovation Kitchen and illustrator Michael Ng. to design this […]

Absolut Originality – New Line of 4 Million Individually Designed Bottles

Absolut Originality

Following last year’s success of Absolut Unique – exclusive line of 4 million bottles, each of them different from all the rest, the Swedish vodka brand, is gearing up to launch the same concept for this year. Absolut Originality is the new elegant limited collection which also features 4 million individually designed bottles, to truly […]

Rare, Limited Edition Macallan M Scotch Whisky Arrived in the U.S

The Macallan M Scotch Whisky released at $4,500 a bottle

Macallan M Scotch Whiskey – an extremely rare, limited edition was unveiled at the end of May in Hong Kong. Now, these special Macallan’s decanters was recently launched in the United States. At the official launch, held at Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, guests were invited to sample various versions of the distillery’s famous […]

$195,000 Balthazar of Château Margaux 2009 – World’s Most Expensive Red Wine

Le Clos unveils the world’s most expensive bottle of wine

The world’s most expensive bottle of red wine to ever be retailed is Balthazar of Château Margaux 2009. Exclusive retailer of fine wines and luxury spirits Le Clos unveiled this unique bottle of red wine, priced at $195,000, and is still on display at brand’s flagship store at Dubai International. Bottled for the first time […]