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First 100% Vegan Champagne?

Just when we accept vegan bags and food, leading luxury brand that produces champagne surprised us with its new offer. French Champagne brand Duval-Leroy recently announced its plans to produce Champagne which will be 100 percent vegan-friendly. Due to rising customer demand for sparkling wine made “as naturally as possible,”t he company chose to begin […]

Rudolph The Ruby-Nosed Reindeer Tarts With Rubies

If you are looking for a sparkling culinary Christmas treat, that will have never previously been witnessed, VeryFirstTo has something for you – Rudolph The Ruby-Nosed Reindeer Tarts. Created by non-other than England’s baker to the stars Georgia Green, each Reindeer Tart come topped with an ethically sourced Ruby from Sri Lanka. Each ruby sits […]

Canadian Most Expensive Beer Will Cost You $1000

Here is the most expensive bottle of beer ever produced in Canada. An East Vancouver brewery – Storm Brewing is selling special Glacial Mammoth Extinction beer at a price of $1,000. Not just because of the brew it contains, this beer is so special and expensive due to its handcrafted, hand-blown glass bottle. Only ten […]

Cocktail No. 33 Penhaligons Martini

In collaboration with English fine fragrance house Penhaligon’s, Zuma has launched cocktail No.33 Penhaligons Martini. The cocktail is made up of no.3 gin, mancino vermouth bianco and bergamot tincture and ambergris, is served in a a beautiful presidente glass, accompanied by a Penhaligon’s handkerchief and perfume sample. At the core of No. 33 Penhaligon’s Martini […]

Kingsbarns Distillery’s First Bottles of Whisky for Sale at Master of Malt

Kingsbarns Distillery and Master of Malt are excited to offer whisky enthusiasts a unique opportunity – the chance to become part of the Kingsbarns Distillery Founders’ Club, and own the very first whisky to be released from the distillery. To celebrate their first anniversary on 30th November 2015, Kingsbarns Distillery launched the Kingsbarns Distillery Founders’ […]

Häagen-Dazs Calendar Christmas Cake by Paola Navone

This year’s Häagen-Dazs Christmas cake is crafted by Italian interior designer Paola Navone. The cake is actually edible calendar, described by the designer as “like an explosion of ice cream bricks”. “The design speaks of a refined sophistication and a playful pop,” she added. “It may be split into cubes like a game for all […]

This Is First Meat For Preventing Hangover

The Victorians were doused with cold water, Native Americans licked their own sweat, while the Egyptians would cast spells on the beer in order to prevent a hangover. Recently, as a solution offered – sausages. The holiday season is approaching, and it is common knowledge that companies that offer remedies for a hangover earn billions, […]