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£48,5 Million – World’s Most Expensive Cake Comes With 4,000 Real Diamonds

When you’re a wealthy Arab, you can afford £48.5million ($74,45 million) birthday cake. Yes, that’s world’s most expensive cake commissioned by a wealthy Arab family for a birthday party. The cake was created by Haute couturier Debbie Wingham globally renowned for her beautiful and extravagant gowns (she created £11.5million – world’s most expensive dress). Wingham’s […]

Strawberry Chocolate Fantasy at Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Indulge in the strawberry chocolate afternoon tea at the highest hotel in the world! The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong has announced their latest afternoon tea creation – Strawberry Chocolate Fantasy. For one month only (starting September 1, 2015), a delectable selection of strawberry and chocolate treats will be served on Café 103’s signature bookshelf tea stand […]

World’s Most Expensive Whisky Tasting Ever For Charity

What is being billed as the world’s most expensive whisky tasting will be held in London in October this year? The tasting is part of The Whisky Show 2015, with tickets priced at £6,000 per piece. Each of the 45 tickets allows you to try four Karuizawa expressions which are no longer available by retail. […]

$15,000 Burgundy The World’s Most Expensive Wine

Based on a survey encompassing more than 7 million wines, a rare wine from Burgundy vineyards has been crowned the world’s most expensive one. The 1985 Richebourg Grand Cru is not the most famous wine, but, according to the British website Wine Searcher, it is the most expensive, at the price of $15,000 per bottle. […]

A $240,000 Whisky Tasting Weekend

Whisky lovers, but just an elite few, will be able to enjoy the ultimate weekend of tasting this fall. From November 13 through 15, this elite will enter the world of rare Scotch whisky and exclusive tastings of Royal Salute. With only 21 bottles of its bejeweled and numbered whisky currently in circulation, courtesy of […]

Hennessy 250 Collector Blend

The French cognac house celebrates its 250th anniversary with the release of Hennessy 250 Collector Blend. At the price of $600 a bottle, the release of the blend is an ode to the Hennessy’s quarter millennium existence. As Kathy Chan, Hennessy’s ambassador in the U.S. said, “The highlight is not the bottle; it’s what’s inside […]

Hand-Made Kors Vodka Costing up to $24,500

Probably the world’s most exclusive vodka brand, Kors Vodka, has released three different, handmade limited edition bottles costing up to $24,500. The vodka is available exclusively through the brand’s corporate gift service for its clients. Tim Wright, who is in charge of business program for this label, says that they are excited to reveal the first […]