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Novak Djokovic has Bought up Entire Supply of World’s Most Expensive Cheese

Novak Djokovic has Bought up Entire Supply of World's Most Expensive Cheese

Want some Pule – World’s Most Expensive Cheese? Sorry, it’s gone, Novak Djokovic bought it all! When we wrote an article about World’s Most Expensive Cheese, we started it with the sentence “Serbia is no longer known only by No.1 tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, but also as place where you can find […]

£125,000 Ben Spalding’s Christmas Dinner Menu

£125,000 Ben Spalding's Christmas Dinner Menu

Although not recorded as Guinness World Record, this Christmas dinner menu, devised by chef Ben Spalding can be considered world’s most expensive. Ben Spalding is the 25-year-old head chef at John Salt restaurant, (formerly called Keston Lodge) in Islington, a neighbourhood in Greater London, England. He did his best to present his version of a […]

$450 Starbucks Gift Card – Limited Edition

$450 Steel Starbucks Gift Card is for the One Percenters

The first ever Metal Starbucks Gift Card is on the way to the most loyal consumers and biggest fans of this worldwide known coffeehouse chain. In the right time, for the holidays, Starbucks will offer limited edition of these Gift Cards, made of solid stainless steel and with already installed $400 credit to spend it […]

elBulli Wine Cellar to be Sold at Sotheby’s to Benefit elBulli Foundation

elBulli Wine Cellar to be Sold at Sotheby's

Spanish chef Ferran Adrià decided to sell the vast wine cellar from his 50-year-old avant-garde Catalan restaurant El Bulli, that is now-shuttered to raise money for his elBulli Foundation. Amazing 8,807 bottles out of 10,000 wines which restaurant’s cellar contains, will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in two separate auctions. First one is scheduled for April […]

Caviar Vending Machine Finally Arrived In Los Angeles

Caviar Vending Machine

Just in time for Holidays, Caviar Vending Machine has arrived in Los Angeles. Incredibly, but City of Angels is the latest city where these “caviar boutiques” arrived. Moscow had them more than two years ago. All lovers of caviar with enough money, but with the lack of time for booking in some finest Los Angeles’ […]

Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 Grand Cru Cognac Lead Bonhams Fine and Rare Wine Sale

Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 Grand Cru Cognac bottled in a a beautiful limited-edition crystal glass decanter, adorned by a special 24k gold spiral and stopper

Bonhams are usually marked with an exceptional selection of rare Cognac, some of which realised prices over three times the pre-sale estimates. So it was in September when Remy Martin Black Pearl Cognac achieved almost double its pre-sale estimate of £5,000 – £7,000 ($8,000-$11,000), and sold for £10,350 ($16,600), and in all likelihood will also be […]

World’s Most Expensive Water Bottle – $900,000 Aurum 79

$900,000 Aurum 79 is now the World's Most Expensive Water Bottle

There is no life without water. While some countries are grappling with the lack of potable water, rich people are fighting to own the world’s most expensive water bottle – called Aurum 79. Limited to only three bottles, Aurum 79 is priced staggering $900,000 per bottle. But what so special about this bottle of water, […]