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Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino

Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino – A Special Edition Just For Italy

There’s an impressive list of top artists and designers who worked with Coca-Cola – Andy Warhol, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Chantal Thomass. Continuing this tradition, Coca-Cola light has teamed up with Italian luxury fashion house Moschino for its new collection ‘Coca-Cola light loves Moschino’, which was unveiled at this year’s Milan Fashion […]

Martell Premier Voyage Cognac for 300th Anniversary

Martell Premier Voyage Cognac for 300th Anniversary

Next year Martell celebrates its 300th anniversary. Specialy for the House’s Tricentenary, they announced the launch of a limited edition new blend – Martell Premier Voyage. Cellar Master, Benoît Fil returned to Martell’s roots and created unique blend containing 18 eaux-de-vie from Martell’s cellars, by tracing the brand’s founder Jean Martell’s footsteps by including the […]

The Ginvent Calendar 2014 Filled With the World’s Finest Gins

The Ginvent Calendar 2014 Filled With the World's Finest Gins

Drinks by the Dram has teamed up with Gin Foundry, to release the Ginvent Calendar 2014 – a superb gin-filled advent calendar. Yes, the extraordinary advent calendar made especially for gin lovers is back for a third outing and is better than ever, with fantastic gins such as Fifty Pounds and Perry’s Tot accompanying delicious […]

Precious Victoria Ice Cream

The $1,000 Victoria Ice Cream Sundae is named after the England queen

Langham Chicago’s Pavilion Lounge & Tea Room offers something a really special. Few days ago, they revealed a new menu with delicacies, that contains and some great ice creams. Neither more nor less, the main part of the new menu, with six luxury ice cream on offer is called The Victoria ice cream. It was […]

World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Goes on Sale for £9,000

Gigi’s in Mayfair crafts the world’s most expensive cocktail priced at nearly $14,500!

For £9,000, you can rent a private jet, or buy a new car or just splash on a cocktail. Yes, the world’s most expensive cocktail, priced at £8,888 ($14,500) has gone on sale in London. It was created for James Bond actress Grace Jones at the star-studded opening of Gigi’s restaurant in Mayfair. The makers […]

Takeaway Meals Based on Lufthansa’s In-flight Menu

Takeaway Meals Based on Lufthansa's In-flight Menu

With extensive changes to its in-flight services in the premium classes, Lufthansa is satisfying the requirements and wishes of its passengers even more closely on both its long-haul and short-haul routes – in keeping with its motto: ‘Nonstop you’. But, would you like to order aeroplane food and enjoy in it in the warmth of […]

John Walker & Sons Private Collection / 2014 Edition

John Walker & Sons Private Collection / 2014 Edition

John Walker & Sons, the prestige collection from Johnnie Walker, and Diageo, have announced the launch of the John Walker & Sons Private Collection. A continuation of the fabled Johnnie Walker Directors’ Blends, the Private Collection is a limited yearly release. For this first edition, master blender Jim Beveridge and his team have focused on […]