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Lechal – Smart Bluetooth-enabled Shoes

Lechal - Smart Bluetooth-enabled Shoes

Indian startup Ducere Technologies launches Lechal smart shoes. This Bluetooth-enabled shoes look like a slick pair of running sneakers, but they’re capable of buzzing to let you know which direction you should turn. They synch with a smartphone app that uses Google maps and vibrate to tell you when and where to turn to reach […]

Phiaton’s Chord MS 530 Wireless Headphones


If you own a top-of-the-line iPhone or iPad and know the quality and features it delivers, you will appreciate this Phiaton’s Chord MS 530 Wireless Headphones. The headset sit on top of the manufacturer’s product range with set of features which include Bluetooth 4.0 and noise cancelling, coupled with premium looks and build. The Chord […]

Grovemade’s New Limited Edition Black Dock

Grovemade's New Limited Edition Black Dock

The Portland, OR-based company Grovemade best known for it’s signature line of cases wrapped in warm luxurious wood has now came up with something completely new and different. The all new Black Dock is a limited edition, all-metal version of their beloved Dock for iPhone. “The Black Dock is the first product we’ve introduced to […]

World’s First Flexible TV – Of Course by Samsung

World's First Flexible TV - Of Course by Samsung

After showcased world’s first and largest Curved UHD TV, Samsung rejoices us with one more premiere with epithet world’s first. The South Korean company is launching the world’s first flexible TV which goes from flat to curved at the press of a button. Viewers will also be able to control the acute angle of the […]

Yo! MTV Raps Boombox by Berlin Boombox

Berlin Boombox family - Yo! MTV Raps Boombox

Show off your love for the oldschool! Here is the latest addition to the Berlin Boombox family – Yo! MTV Raps Boombox. There are two new designs (Impact and Oldschool) featuring the Yo! logo which pay tribute to the greatest Hip Hop show in TV history that brings back the 90s, and both are shipped […]

Samsung Unveils World’s Largest Curved-screen UHDTV

Samsung introduces a 105? curved UHDTV for $120,000

Samsung strengthened its position as the leader in TV technology with the launch a 105-inch curved screen. This world’s first and largest Curved UHD TV has been showcased in January at CES 2014, and now can be purchased for a mere $120,000. The ultra-high-definition 105-inch Curved UHD TV measures 2.5m x 1.46m (including its stand) […]

Mobiado Pays Homage to Famous Painter Gustav Klimt

A luxury phone pays homage to Gustav Klimt

An artist whose style ranges from graphic, to photorealistic, to florid, Gustav Klimt is as diverse in his works as he is expressive. Now, luxury phone manufacturer Mobiado pays homage to this famous representative of the Art Nouveau movement in Vienna, launching limited edition gold-plated smartphone. This gorgeous hand painted mobile phone is Mobiado’s third […]