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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gets Fancy Look With Swarovski Crystals

Samsung teams with Swarovski for a limited edition crystal encrusted Galaxy Note 3 cover

If you’re fun of high-end smartphones and high-end accessories, Samsung has prepared something special for you. The company has just partnered up with Swarovski to create a jewel encrusted Galaxy Note 3 case. These fancy accessories will initially be on display at Samsung Galaxy Lounge within the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. All interested in buying this […]

App Brings Scents to Your Phone – “Smell-O-Vision”

Smell-O-Vision Is Coming To Life!

Few months ago Japanese fragrance startup Scentee came with idea to launch Hana Yakiniku (“Nose Grilled Meat”), an add-on device for smartphones designed to upgrade your dining experience by giving off the aroma of a delicious Yakiniku BBQ dinner. This project has encountered a approval and interest of triple Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain and Chef […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition For Russian Market

Special edition Samsung Black Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini with faux leather is exclusive to Russia

It is obvious that Samsung has not yet given up the Galaxy S4 brand, and this time they announced Black Edition versions of Galaxy S4 and S4 mini device for the Russian market. Except black color, they do not have anything special than the standard variant. So apart in terms of specification, these two are […]

Siren Series Roxanne Custom IEM- New JH Audio Flagship!

JH Audio’s flagship Roxanne custom earphones will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles

As the designer of the worlds finest custom earphones for almost two decades Jerry Harvey proudly presents its most alluring custom offering – Sirens Series Roxanne custom IEM. This is a true gem both in terms of performance and features. Roxanne is the world’s first 12 drivers custom in ear monitor from JH Audio. Yes, […]

First Affordable High-speed Camera – Edgertronic

Edgertronic high speed video camera shoots 18,000 frames per second

Bearing in mind that there are no low-cost high-speed video cameras that offer the video quality that professional photographers demand, guys behind Edgetronic decided to start the project and offer exactly that. They manage to create high speed video camera at a cost video professionals and consumers can afford. Simply named Edgetronic, this affordable high-speed […]

$25,000 Diamond Encrusted “Beats By Dre” Headphones for The Super Bowl Players

Check out the $25,000 Diamond encrusted headphones gifted to all the Super Bowl players

All players in this year’s Super Bowl will receive a diamond- encrusted headphones. As they can’t afford themselves, all members of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will get “Beats By Dre” headphones, valued at $25,000. Each of these special edition headphones is hand-crafted and customized to feature a special Super Bowl emblem in either […]

New Porsche Design P’9982 by BlackBerry

Porsche Design P'9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry

New Porsche Design P’9982 by BlackBerry is a smartphone for the wealthy business person who wants to flaunt at board meetings. This is the latest member of the Porsche Design luxury brand’s range of modern luxury smartphones. Uniquely designed and expertly crafted, the P’9982 features a satin finished frame forged from the finest quality stainless […]