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Astell&Kern AK380 Portable Player Goes On Sale for £3,000

Astell&Kern AK380 Portable Player Goes On Sale for £3,000

Astell&Kern, the leader in portable high-res audio players, announces its newest flagship portable hi-res audio player – the AK380, which goes on sale in June for £3,000 ($4,700). The AK380 builds on the company’s previous flagship model, the AK240 (£2,500) by adding a raft of extra features and functionality. It is crafted from aircraft-grade Duralumin […]

Concrete Audio’s Wall Mounted Loudspeaker F1

Concrete Audio's Wall Mounted Loudspeaker F1

If you are looking for concrete sound, check out Concrete Audio! That’s what Nils Landgren, musician & producer said, and here’s why you should agree with him. Materials like glass, fiberglass, reinforced plastics out of others have been used for speaker casing over the years, but concrete? A German company named Concrete Audio managed to […]

IWC Enters Smartwatch Field with Connect Watch

IWC Enters Smartwatch Field with Connect Watch

Smartwatches slowly conquering the world. This trend also slowly but surely acclimates into centuries old Swiss watch industry. IWC Schaffhausen couldn’t resist the challenge, so this Swiss luxury watch manufacturer came out with a new device: IWC Connect. This inteligent tool is designed to give wearers control over certain devices connected to the Internet of […]

Genuine Smartpiece – LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane now on sale for $349

LG’s latest smartwatch – the LG Watch Urbane has landed in the Google Store. It is pretty much the same device as the LG G Watch R, but with a new high end styling. Its main body has the same basic shape, including fully round 1.3-inch display. But, even it resemble to the G Watch […]

Turing Phone Is Super-Durable and Ultra-Secure Device

Introducing the Impossible to Hack, Uber Strong, Super Sexy Turing Phone

In these uncertain times a lot of people are looking for trustworthy devices that keep communications and data safe from cyber threats. This is where Turing Robotic Industries (TRI), the pioneer in trustworthy mobile device technology came out with its flagship Turing Phone to solve this problem in a different way. The first-of-its-kind smartphone, this […]

New BeoPlay H6 Gray Hazel Edition

New BeoPlay H6 Gray Hazel Edition

Spring is that time of year reserved for the new beginnings, new opportunities and lots of energy. It’s also time to get out of there and enjoy longer and lighter days in the company of great music. That’s where Bang & Olufsen‘s new member of magnificent headphone range comes into action. The new BeoPlay H6 […]

Cavair’s iPhone Orthodox Gold Icon

Cavair's iPhone Orthodox Gold Icon

What you see is the creation of Cavair company and the name is iPhone Orthodox. This luxury device depicts the excellent artwork by Andrei Rublev, known as ‘the Trinity’. This is a second phone in the line of the Credo, inspired by the works of art associated with the religions of the world. Jewelers used […]