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Maison Martin Margiela iPhone And Blackberrry Holder

Maison Martin Margiela 11 Phone Holder

New Maison Martin Margiela 11 Phone Holder for autumn/winter 2011 is the perfect size for an iPhone (both 3 and 4) or a BlackBerry. This two-piece smartphone holder is made of deep colored leather, and is lined with a soft and ultra fluffy sheepskin.  It is made in Italy and features embossed Margiela branding on the […]

Versetta Handbag – Fashionable Window For Your iPad

Versetta Handbag -

New Versetta line of iPad bags was launched by Scott Creations. All iPad satchels from this line will provide you easy carrying and direct interaction with your iPad. Each bag features an incorporated frame, with a protective flap, which securely holds the iPad. Once the flap is opened, the iPad and its ports can be accessed without removing […]

I’m Watch – Android-based Smartwatch for Geeks

I’m Watch

If you want a stylish, multifunction watch with a smartphone OS and SDK that increases its features and allows for endless possibilities, look no further. The latest experiment in this field comes from Italy in the form of the I’m Watch and looks very promising. Designed and assembled by Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, the […]

Solid Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski

Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski

Concrete Speakers by Shmuel Linski Break the tradition of using wood in the speaker technology, an Israeli designer Shmuel Linski has designed a Concrete Speaker as a part of his graduation project. The speakers don’t provide sound in the same way a traditional speaker would, as they don’t resonate sound from the material itself, but use […]

Dolce & Gabbana Luxury Sequined iPad Case

Dolce & Gabbana Sequined Pouch iPad Case

Dolce & Gabbana fashion house has recently released new, luxury Sequined-Pouch iPad Case for ladies with style and a thick bank account. This luxury iPad case is no less than a designer handbag. The case is covered in sequins that will dazzle on a dance floor, along with black leather and a gold chain strap […]

CalypsoCase – Luxury Protection for Your SmartPhone


CalypsoCase is a luxury protection for your phone, designed in Ljubljana, Europe by the team of fashion lovers. This precision handcrafted protective and elegant phone case is made of premium leather, strong titanium and blinked with silver. CalypsoCase’s outer shape is simple and elegant with carefully selected curves. If you look at a typical case made […]

Asus Lamborghini WX Wireless Mouse Finally Available

Asus Lamborghini WX Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse which resembles a Lamborghini car is finally available. Asus, an authorized manufacturer of Lamborghini-branded electronics, which has a line of high-end notebooks branded and inspired by the fast-car maker detailed its WX-Lamborghini wireless mouse, which has been in cold-storage since September 2010, when it was first spotted. The Asus WX-Lamborghini, inspired by the Lamborghini […]