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New Cool TL1 Simulator by Ariel Atom & Motion Simulation for Cool Boys

Motion Simulation teams up with Ariel for the TL1 simulator

Motion Simulation designed, developed and manufactured new cool gadget for car enhusiast, and all in cooperation with Ariel Motor Company, creator of one of the world’s fastest cars, the Ariel Atom. The TL1 is a flight, driving and first-person-shooter Simulator. Recently launched at the 2012 Gadget Show, new TL1  will attract a broad range of […]

Tyler Glitter-finished Leather iPad Sleeve by Jimmy Choo

Tyler Glitter-finished Leather iPad Sleeve by Jimmy Choo

Prance with an iPad, used to be a question of prestige, but nowadays it’s not enough. It is desirable to have more glossy, more luxurious, and more striking iPad sleeve. If you are looking a high quality, and in the same time flawless appearance then this new Tyler glittered leather iPad sleeve from Jimmy Choo […]

A Rare 1970s Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens Goes on Sale for $160,000

A Rare 1970s Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens

If you enjoy crazy effects on your picture through your camera then a Nikkor 6mm F/2.8 Lens from a 1970 trade show described as see behind itself, is up for grabs. The monster fisheye lens was credited as the world’s most extreme wideangle lens to cover the 24x36mm image area when it was unveiled at the Photokina trade […]

World’s First Finger Camera – Air Clicker


You want to take the photo without camera, just using your fingers – it’s possible! Appropriately called Air Clicker,  new concept designed by Yeon Su Kim will allow you to use nothing more than your hands to capture images. This world’s first finger camera consists of two modules: the first fits on your thumb, the […]

World’s Most Luxurious iPhone Collection by Golden Dreams

Gold Dreams Luxurious iPhone Collection

Geneva-based luxury design company, Golden Dreams just unveiled the world’s most luxurious iPhone collection. This collection of unique and exclusive iPhones 4S 64GB consists of 3 models: the most luxurious Diamond Edition, and a bit less luxurious, but also extravagant and impressive Gold Edition and Desert Edition. Full Diamond Edition is a masterpiece of this […]

Globe-Trotter Fujifilm X-Pro1 Case Exclusively For Harrods

Globe-Trotter Fujifilm X-Pro1 Case Exclusively For Harrods

British luxury luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter have teamed up with renowned manufacturer of photography equipment, Fujifilm to create a limited edition X-Pro1 camera and case. London’s world-famous Harrods will offer it to celebrate the opening of its new 22,000 square foot technology department. Limited edition case for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is handmade on Globe-Trotter’s original Victorian […]

Leica Launches White M9-P Limited Edition Camera

Limited Edition Leica M9-P White

Renowned German camera manufacturer Leica launches a white, limited-edition version of its ultra-stylish M9-P camera. Last year’s black version of the M9-P sells for $8,000, but if you want to have the same 18.5-megapixel Leica M9-P full-frame digital camera, but just in white, limited edition version, you’ll have to splash extra $24,000, becouse that is […]