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The Newest Radical Black Edition by Gresso

The Newest Radical Black Edition by Gresso

Few months ago Gresso unveiled its first Android based smartphone coated in titanium. Now, Gresso Radical got its companion coated in black. As its predecessor, The Gresso Radical Black Edition is also based on the OS Android 4.1.2 operating system. It’s case is also developed from a single, solid, Grade 5 titanium plate that is […]

Your Music Becomes Live with Backert Labs’ Rhythm 1.1 Preamplifier

Your Music Becomes Live with Backert Labs' Rhythm 1.1 Preamplifier

Backert Labs’ Rhythm 1.1 is a tubed linestage preamplifier that provides a new level of audio enjoyment by utilizing radically new technology. This innovative preamp provides exceptional sound quality, in several key areas, such as rhythm (with accurate rhythm, music becomes more compelling), dynamics (it presents the most accurate dynamics of any stereo component you […]

Bang & Olufsen’s First Ever 4K Ultra High Definition TV

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 4K TV follows you for optimum viewing

Bang & Olufsen is well known by its fancy speaker systems for decades, but today Danish manufacturer unveiled its first ever 4K Ultra High Definition TV, the Beovision Avant. There’s a reason Bang & Olufsen is calling its new 4K TV the “one that moves.” Innovative television with a sleek built-in sound panel and Smart […]

Swarovski for Samsung – New Accessory Collection for Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit

Samsung launches Swarovski encrusted accessories for Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit

Following a trend of dazzling accessories for mobile devices, Samsung has announced that it is launching a new Swarovski for Samsung series. The South Korean company released its “Swarovski for Samsung” accessory collection on its online story. It is headed by a specially designed back cover for the Galaxy S5, studded with “Swarovski Crystal Fine […]

Vertu Constellation Gemstones Glitters with Sapphires and Rubies

Vertu Constellation Gemstone Edition mobile phones are encrusted with Rubies and Sapphires

The last year’s pride of the British company Vertu was Constellation Android Smartphone. Now, this hand-crafted model has been enriched and rised to the highest luxury level using precious gemstones. Sophisticated, elegant and dinstictive new Constellation Gemstones edition comes in two variants: the Liquorice Sapphire and Rose Ruby. This true pieces of hand-crafted, high-fashion design […]

Tubecore Duo – World’s First Tube-driven Bluetooth Speaker

Tubecore Duo - World's First Tube-driven Bluetooth Speaker

Mixing analog and digital technologies can hardly be good. Until now. Tubecore’s latest speaker, the Duo blends the old with new to become the world’s first tube-driven, wi-fi enabled bluetooth speaker. First, it features a vintage design handmade from hardwood and hand-stretched speaker cloth. And about specification, the Duo is designed around a powerful Class […]

Savelli Launch Emerald-Encrusted Smartphone At Harrods

Savelli Launch Emerald-Encrusted Smartphone At Harrods

Smart mobile phone from Savelli is based on Android system and built by using prestigious materials. Fashion designer, and owner of company, Alessandro Savelli is through the company Harrods offers two new models which are the most expensive smart phones on the planet. These are Emerald Night and Emerald Insane which cost $71,000 and $244,000. […]