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Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Reproduce Music at Live Listening Levels


Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Seattle based manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems, Genesis Advanced Technologies, has announced the 2.2 Junior, a line-source loudspeaker. While the Genesis 2.2 Junior is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the 2.2 four-tower line-source system, the company claims it to be high on performance like the latter. First […]

Panasonic Presented Viera R3 and Viera S Series HD TVs in Japan


Panasonic has introduced two new HD TVs, yesterday in Japan: Viera R3 and Viera S. The first one, Viera R3 includes a 37” Full HD and a 32” HD models. Both of these models pack in an IPSα panel and 1TB HDD to stash all of your media content thus eliminating the need of an […]

Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse by Goldgenie for Geeky Bling Lovers


Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse Just get ready to add a lavish and shining style into your personal computer. Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse is a high quality, compact car mouse with chrome style wheels that has been ergonomically designed for ease of comfort. The mouse features the world’s smallest 19mm USB receiver, even smaller […]

Bergmann Audio Sleipner Airbearing Turntable – Nothing but the Best from Records


Bergmann Audio Sleipner Airbearing Turntable with Airbearing Tonearm Turntables are a choice of the elite people or those who have a flair for the antiquity. Bergmann Audio of Denmark brings out one such turntable to allure turntable lovers. The Sleipner Airbearing Turntable with Airbearing Tonearm is a reference-level turntable powered by airbearing technology. It includes […]

New Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Swarovski Tyrol 8×20 Binoculars


Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Swarovski Tyrol 8×20 Binoculars A golden year like fifthy needs to be celebrated in style, dazzle and special memories. Cabela exactly had that in mind when they launched a special limited edition set of Swarovski Tyrol 8×20 Binoculars. Named after an Austrian region known for its beauty and history, these special-edition 8×20 binoculars […]

Leica à la Carte – Build Your Own Leica


Leica à la Carte After presenting to the world some exclusive camera versions, Leica is out with the Leica à la carte program. The online Configurator allows for a choice between two models, the Leica MP or M7, and from the modular component system select the details that match your needs and wishes in terms […]

Vertu Constellation Quest Pink to Impress Your Stylish Geek Girl


Vertu Constellation Ques Pink If your girl a tech savvy diva who likes to have a lifestyle concierge at your fingertips to help you book a flight, manage a hotel reservation, mobile shop and much more then Vertu Constellation Quest Pink Smartphone is the most stylish and innovative Valentine’s Day gift for her. Turned out […]