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Limited Edition Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady


Limited Edition Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady If you are looking for the perfect gift for your gadget loving lady this women’s day, Gresso has the best thing for you. The luxury mobile phone manufacturer, has now unveiled the new iPhone 4 Black Diamonds for Lady, in the case of the 200-year-old African Blackwood, […]

First Swarovski iPad 2 by CrystalRoc


Swarovski iPad 2 Case by CrystalRoc CrystalRoc rocked the geeks by rolling out world’s first Swarovski-studded iPad. Like its predecessor, the Apple iPad 2 is going to be the prime target of haute couture brands and designers. While you have to wait a few more days before you could lay your hands on the Apple’s […]

New Apple iPad 2 Will Give You The Lowdown


iPad 2 Apple designed new iPad 2! It will be available in stores March 11 and just in UK release date is 25 March.  Apple’s pricing remains the same, starting at $499. For now, Apple still defines the tablet market, with a product consumers will desire at a price that’s hard to beat. There are […]

Shape Audio’s Organic Harmony Speakers Adds Music to the Sculpture


Shape Audio – Organic Harmony Speakers Luciano Pasquariello, creator of Shape Audio, has crafted Organic Harmonty, a stunning metal based sculpture sound system. The shape has been inspired by examples in nature where things grow organically to take the final shape that is beautiful and perfect. Organic Harmony is a beautifully shaped 1350×270 mm Omnidirectional stereo […]

Holoart Crystal Display Ball For Modern Business Clairvoyants


Holoart Crystal Display Ball This interesting crystal ball won’t help you to anticipate business ventures of competitors, but will certainly help to advertise your product or business. This Japan-made product might not be your cup of tea since it sports a pretty expensive price tag that goes to the $4,909. The 3.9” crystal ball can […]

Swarovski Studded Kinect Sensor – Can You Dance Better than Kylie Minogue?


Swarovski Studded Kinect Sensor Microsoft is now going all out to make sure that their Kinect Sensor is getting all the attention it needs. They have sponsored Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue’s European tour in association with Dance Central. Hand-crafted by PlayBling and studded with more than 6,000 Swarowsky Elements crystals, the Kylie Minogue Kinect is […]

The New Magico Q3 Loudspeakers – Heaven For Your Ears


Magico Q3 Loudspeakers Magico is a leader in high-performance loudspeaker design and manufacture. Now, Magico has developed a new Q3 Loudspeakers that generates sounds like in recording studio. This five driver three-way floorstanding speaker is housed in a fully-braced, fully-damped, aluminum and brass hard-anodized enclosure. It utilizes a number or proprietary Magico design elements and […]