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iPhone 4 Time Machine from Gresso

iPhone 4 Time Machine from Gresso

iPhone 4 Time Machine from Gresso After creating the Luxor World Time for the globetrotter business man and then decking it up in Gold, Gresso has now launched its new exclusive project, the iPhone4 Time Machine. The usual glass back of this new iPhone 4 is replaced by a mineral glass with diamond coating and […]

Nintendo’s Gold Wiimote To Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of The Legend Of Zelda

Nintendo's Gld Wiimote

The Legend of Zelda, 25th Anniversary Famed Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed a special Gold Zelda-themed Wiimote at Nintendo’s E3 conference. This golden Wii Remote will be released by the end of the year to commemorate both Zelda’s 25th anniversary and the release of Zelda Skyward Sword. The Wii-mote has Zelda 25th Anniversary logo […]

Vuzix Star 1200 – See-Through Augmented Reality Enabled Video Eyewear

Vuzix Star 1200

Vuzix Star 1200 We all know that augmented reality headsets currently available on the market surely cost us as good car. These devices are out of reach of the majority of consumers around the world, but now the Vuzix Star 1200 is about to change this. Vuzix, makers of military and consumer grade Augmented Reality eyewear, […]

World’s Most Expensive iPad Costs $1.2 Million

Diamond-encrusted iPad from Camael Diamonds

Diamond-encrusted iPad from Camael Camael has unveiled iPad ornamented with 1kg of 18 carat gold and 300 carat flawless diamonds. Priced at $1.2 million, it is the world’s most expensive iPad. It is also adorned with black diamonds on the home button and the Apple logo on its rear. Camael will happily customize your million-dollar […]

Incase’s Book Jacket Select for iPad 2

Incase's Book Jacket Select for iPad 2

Incase’s Book Jacket Select for iPad 2 Incase’s popular Book Jacket iPad case gets a premium upgrade and improved functionality with their new Book Jacket Select. The Book Jacket Select for iPad 2 features a pebbled texture for a premium look and feel, an enhanced suede liner, and new position rails that securely prop up your […]

Datamancer’s Victorian Steampunk Laptop Available Now

Datamancer's Victorian Steampunk Laptop

After New Yorker Art Deco Keyboard and a cool Steampunk PC Suite – The Clacker, its time for Datamancer to present us with a completely functional Steampunk Laptop. At a glance, look like a Victorian music box, but inside Richard Nagy’s creation lives cutting-edge internal components capable of running any of today’s games and other […]

A Million Dollars For The First Diamond And Gold Pen By Anita Tan

Anita Tan's The All Diamonds iPhone

A special pen, created by a woman for women is Anita Tan’s First Diamond and Gold Pen. This luxury pen, designed exclusively for women has 1888 diamonds that weigh 48 carats and is priced at €688,000 ($1.01 million). One more Anita Tan’s luxury creation is The All Diamonds iPhone cover in 18K pink gold (230 […]