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Amosu’s Gold Kindle – Amazon’s Top Selling Item Coated in 24ct gold

Amazon Gold Kindle Wifi +3G by Amosu Couture

Amazon Gold Kindle Wifi +3G by Amosu Couture Alexander Amosu, known for his uber-cool luxury creations, is back again with yet another striking creation, a 24ct Gold Kindle. Amazon’s top selling item has been lit up with a stunning display offering an integrated book coated in 24ct gold. The Wi-Fi + 3G Kindle in 24ct hardened gold […]

Feno Folding Notebook With Triple Folding OLED Screen

Feno Notebook Concept with Unique Folding Design

For now, Feno Folding Notebook is just a concept, but it looks incredibly good. It has been created by designer Niels van Hoof and incorporates a super thin OLED screen to allow it to collapse and folded into around a third of its size for transport. With the OLED screen actually wrapping its self around […]

The Swarovski Rhinestoned Marlboro Phone Simply Dazzles

Swarovski Marlboro Phone

Swarovski Marlboro Phone Marlboro cigarette pack-shaped cellphone is ideal for those who love all that is shiny and bright, whether they are smokers or not. Swarovski Malboro Phone is hand-embellished with over 1,000 Swarovski Rhinestones, and features a secret compartment that will fit up to 7 cigarettes (or cash, credit cards, or whatever you want […]

RevoZport GT5 Carbon Driving Console for Extremely Realistic Simulations

RevoZport GT5 Carbon Driving Console

RevoZport GT5 Carbon Driving Console The new GT5 Racing Console from the house of RevoZport combine state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge design to make for extremely realistic simulations. Both the console and seat of the RevoZport GT5 Carbon Driving Console are made of genuine carbon fiber as used in F1 racecars. It has been designed to […]

Royal Wedding iPhone Collection by Goldgenie

Goldgenie's Royal Wedding iPhone Collection

Royal Wedding iPhone Collection by Goldgenie It’s Royal Wedding day! To celebrate the big wedding, Goldgenie brings to you the Royal Wedding iPhone Collection. The Goldgenie Royal iPhone 4 is available in three versions – Platinum, Gold and Rose gold. The 32GB iPhone is cast from Solid Platinum, or Gold rear, with VS1 8.50 ct. Certified […]

Crystograph’s iPad2 Blooming Gold Edition

iPad2 Blooming Gold Edition by Crystograph

iPad2 Blooming Gold Edition by Crystograph Petria Kwon already presented iPad Ice Edition, and now her team at Crystograph is all set to give a crystal and shimmering makeover to the iPad2. Their latest work is the stunning iPad2 Blooming Gold Edition, which also offers customization options. Set with 10,000 of fine Swarovski crystals features […]

Bang & Olufsen Launches BeoVision 4-85 – First 3D Full HD Screen

B&O BeoVision 4 85-inch 3D HDTV

Bang & Olufsen’s 3D BeoVision 4-85 Bang & Olufsen has dipped a well-designed toe into the world of 3D, with the company’s latest TV offering well-heeled buyers the third dimension. Danish luxury audio-visual equipment manufacturer has launched its first 3D TV display. The BeoVision 4-85 is a ginormous screen measuring 85 inches in size, reserved only […]