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LG Artcool Stylist Inverter V – So Ultra-Thin and Stylish Air-Conditioner

Premium Artcool Stylist Inverter V Air Conditioner with LED lighting worth framing

At first glance, it looks like some unclear artwork, but that’s actually air conditioner. Finally came to an end a window-obscuring ugly, boxy air conditioners. LG introduces its Artcool Stylist Inverter V. Although less than 5 inches thick, this alternative features subtle LED lighting that adds to the appeal, and by changing colors it lets […]

The New McLaren 650S Design Studio App

Time to configure your McLaren 650S

Virtual reality is the ultimate way to impress your friends and neighbors. The new McLaren 650S Design Studio App is an application, also very well designed advertising, which allows you to relive the car. McLaren Automotive made an effort, to provide us more closely their new beast. With this new application you can create your […]

Bose Enters In the Universe of Streaming Music with New SoundTouch system

Bose SoundTouch Wi-Fi music systems to compete with Sonos whole-house speakers

Sonos has encountered a serious competitor. Bose enters in the universe of streaming music when recently released its new line of Wi-Fi speakers under its new SoundTouch brand. The speakers rely on a free SoundTouch app that acts as a simple controller for all of your favorite music. Millions of songs, thousands of Internet radio […]

Swizz Beatz Hints New Monster x Chanel Headphones

Swizz Beatz teases Monster headphones collaboration with Chanel at Paris Fashion Week

According to Swizz Beatz and his personal Instagram Monster will release headphones with Chanel. The producer posted an Instagram photo of himself and Karl Lagerfeld wearing headphones at Paris Fashion Week, hinting collaboration between these two major brands. The caption on the photo read: “HISTORY HAS JUST BEEN MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Swizz posted another photo of him […]

$1Million The iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond by Alchemist

The million dollar iPhone is made of pure gold and studded with 100 carats of shiny diamonds

Alchemist is London’s luxury boutique, specializes in customizing electronic devices. The company now realised the most unique Smartphone ever created – The iPhone 5 Gold and Diamond. With a bezel handmade from 24 carat Gold plated with approximately 700 individual flawless VVS Diamonds lining the sides of the piece totalling over 7 carats. The finest […]

Blackphone Smartphone Is The Most Secure In The World

Blackphone – A smartphone that is more secure than a Swiss bank vault

Are you concerned about wiretapping in the country and globally (NSA), or you’re just concerned about your privacy? Experts from the company GeeksPhone and Silent Circle, knows how everyone are sensed about their privacy and their answer on this is a new smartphone that promises to secure our communications. Blackphone is based on the Android […]

Ultimate Koenigsegg Razer Blade Laptop

Ultimate Koenigsegg Razer Blade Laptop

Supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg and Razer company, together, created a specially designed gaming laptop, which will be presented at a upcoming auto show in Geneva. Koenigsegg Razer Blade is inspired by the powerful Agera R supercar, and is equipped with 14-inch HD + display, an SSD of 256GB and IntelCore i7 quad core 2.2GHz processor with […]