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The London Luxury Expo 2016

The Largest Luxury Event is coming to London in 2016. The London Luxury Expo 2016 encapsulates every sector of the luxury industry, from Super Cars and Super Yachts to Exclusive Travel, Fine Art and Epicurean extravagances. London Luxury Expo will showcase the world’s leading luxury brands to an ultra-affluent and highly discerning audience with profound […]

Mozart’s Letter Sold for $270,000

A letter wrote by the famous Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to his friend sold at auction in Boston for $217,000. The one-page letter dates from 1786 and was sent to the Austrian botanist Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin, Mozart’s close friend. In the note, Mozart asks von Jacquin to send a messenger to return three […]

Bikini That Cleans The Sea While Swimming

US scientists have developed a revolutionary bikini – partially printed on a 3D printer, this swimsuit helps in cleaning the sea from various pollution. Bikini – Sponge Suit, designed by the engineers at the University of California Riverside, removes oil and chemicals from seawater. Besides being environmentally efficient, this swimsuit is also very “trendy”. Partly […]

Last Electric Guitar Ever Made by Paul Bigsby Highlights Heritage Auctions Event

A 1956 Bigsby Natural Solid Body Electric Guitar – extraordinary for being the last of its kind ever produced by Paul Bigsby himself – could sell for as much as $400,000 when it headlines Heritage Auctions’ Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments Signature Auction Oct. 24 in Beverly Hills. The 1956 Bigsby, serial # 121556, was […]

Purse-Sized Flacon Of Chanel’s Iconic No. 5 Fragrance

All lovers of Chanel’s iconic No. 5 fragrance will be delighted to hear that French brand decided to launch purse-sized flacon of one of the most appreciated fragrances of all time. This new takeaway sized fragrance which fits perfectly into any clutch, handbag or rucksack will be available as of October 16 in boutiques and […]

With Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner Your Bentley Bentayga Is Complete

If you’re the lucky owner of a brand new Bentley Bentayga, and The Mulliner Tourbillon clock by Breitling, here is the only missing thing for the world’s most luxurious SUV – the Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner. With this new high-end addition to Bentayga, your baby is complete. Such as the world’s first genuine luxury […]

Bought Photo For $2 And Turns Out It Worth Few Million Dollars

Photo of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid, which one collector paid $2 in the junk shop is now worth several million dollars. This is the second photo of Henry McCarthy, known as Billy the Kid, whose authenticity has been confirmed. The photo shows how Billy the Kid and his gang Regulators in 1878 somewhere […]