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Splinter Works’ Vessel Hammock Bathtub

Fabulous Vessel Bathtub Suspended Like a Hammock

There is no greater enjoyment than sit back in a comfortable hammock! Thanks to guys from UK’s Splinter Works that pleasure in now possible constantly in the comfort of your bathroom. They mixed two major symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a tub and get Vessel Bathtub. It’s made of carbon fiber and is fixed […]

Conde Nast to Open a Vogue Cafe, GQ Bar in Dubai Very Soon

Vogue Cafe at The Dubai Mall

Following successful opening the Vogue Cafe at The Dubai Mall (world’s largest shopping center) in May, Conde Nast International are now extending the restaurant, bar and cafe concept to another Dubai’s hallmark – at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. New 994-square-meter GQ Bar inside the world’s tallest hotel in Dubai is set to open in […]

The Most Expensive Hockey Stick Worth $4.25 Million

The Most Expensive Hockey Stick in the World $4.25 Million

All kinds of stuff we have seen, but that wooden hockey stick cost $ 4.25million, now that we have not seen before. It isn’t even encrusted with precious diamonds and gems and neither do they have the pricey napa leather grips, it is just sheer pieces of wood that are very old. In 2009, a […]

QNB Launches New Diamond-embedded Credit Card for Super-rich Clients

Diamond Embedded QNB Private World Elite MasterCard Credit Card in the Middle East and Africa Region.

Qatar National Bank, the World’s Strongest Bank has teamed up with MasterCard to launch the “first exclusive” diamond-embedded QNB Private World Elite MasterCard credit card in the Middle East and Africa (Mena) region. The invitation only credit card is an “experience-based service platform” for the bank’s super-rich clients. Lucky and enough wealthy owners will get […]

Gunther VI Is The Richest Dog in the World

Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World

Rich people often leave after the death, their wealth, to their pets. It probably does not like too many members of their family, but that does not mean that the rich man will change his will. Who is the richest dog in the world? German Shepherd Gunther IV is on top of the list of […]

Jesse James’ Gun Belt Highlight at Heritage Auctions

Jesse James Gun Belt, from the Collection of Harry Hoffman

Jesse James was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer, who as a teenager rode off to join Confederate guerrillas in 1864. He fancied himself a modern Robin Hood, robbing from Radical Republicans and giving to the poor. Already a celebrity when he was alive, he became a legendary figure of […]

Killspencer’s Hardshell Briefcase – New Smart Document Protector

Killspencer’s briefcase hardshell

Every businessman need briefcase. Good briefcase won’t only protect your documents, but will show your style. Killspencer, a new brand of man-approved bags hand-crafted in Los Angeles launched the Hardshell Briefcase. This smart document protector has simple structure but used in full. It boasts 15″ laptop pocket, a space for a binder up to 1.5″ […]