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The Billionaire Shop – New Website for Ultra Rich

The Billionaire Shop

Multi millionaires and billionaires now have their own website, that will facilitate dilemmas about investing their enormous capital. The Billionaire Shop is a new online store which allows ultra rich to spend millions of dollars on some luxury product in a matter of seconds. Billed as “the ultimate shopping experience for real winners”, this new […]

Treccani Milano’s Custom Leather Golf Bags

Treccani Milano's Custom Leather Golf Bags

Sophisticated sport such as golf requires quality equipment with the most prestigious and luxurious details such as the game itself, like Treccani Milano just offered with its luxurious golf bags. Put luxury and the game together with handmade golf bags made in Italy by master “artigiano” (craftsmen) in the company’s Milan “bottega” (lab). These astonishing […]

First Ever World Luxury Expo in Dubai

Burj Al Arab

First ever World Luxury Expo in Dubai, will take place at “the world’s most luxurious hotel”, the Burj Al Arab from 15-17 January 2013. Through three-day, ultra-lavish event, only elites with deep pocket will have that honor to see the masterpieces of world’s leading luxury brands, most of them offering limited edition, once-off or bespoke […]

Prohibitively Rare 1887 Victoria Gold Pattern Crown Could Become One of the World’s Most Expensive Coins

1887 Victoria gold pattern Crown

Queen Victoria (1819-1901), began her reign upon the death of her uncle on 20 June 1837. She enjoyed the longest reign of any monarch so far. Many fine types and varieties of gold coinage were produced during Victoria’s reign. Regarding the half-sovereign, three main types or designs were recognised during this period: The “Young Head”, […]

Cimon Art’s Swarovski Crystallized Sculputres Adorn Window at New York’s Concept Store on Broadway

Cimon Art's Swarovski Crystallized Sculputres

The season for gorgeous holiday windows has long burgeoned in New York. Reputable stores are competing who will have a nicer decorated showroom seeking assistance from the famous designers and artists. Cimon Art, an Australian artis, of whose work we already wrote, has decided to put up his five previously unseen works to be displayed […]

$100,000 To Be Space Expedition Corporation’s First Astronaut

Space Expedition Corporation

If you have always dreamed to become an astronaut, and you have to splash $100,000, all you have to do is to contact Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), the new General Sales Agent (GSA) for the XCOR Aerospace. These guys will make your dream become true, through two programs: Founder Astronaut Program and Future Astronaut Program. […]

Pets Immortalized in Diamonds Made of Cremated Ashes

Pet Diamonds: Companies Turning Departed Pets Into Precious Gems for Pet Owners

The loss of pets many people experience on different ways. It can be really stressful and painful for all pet lovers, and very often it’s very difficult for them to deal with it. Some of them would like to bring a piece of loved pet, even after it passed away, wherever they go, and forever. […]