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Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

“Not all artists are Chess players, but all Chess players are artists”, said Marcel Duchamp. Guided with this motto, LittleHand, English Artisans produce unique, limited edition cast bronze chess sets that depict notable battles in military history. Their latest creation – Anglo-Zulu War Chess Set depicts two battles of the Anglo Zulu War that took […]

IMAX Private Theater Coming into Your Home

IMAX Private Theatre delivers the ultimate in-home entertainment experience

Whether it’s just my impression or the offer of the private home theaters is really amazing these days? $2 Million Dark Knight Themed Home Theater by Elite Home Theater Seating and $3 Million Crimson Home Theater are some of the headlines about which we wrote in recent days. Now, after half a century dedicated to […]

$3 Million Crimson Home Theater

$3 Million Masterpiece Theater

Finally, $2 Million Dark Knight Themed Home Theater by Elite Home Theater Seating got a rival. That’s the Crimson Home Theater, worth amazing $3 million. Gorgeously crafted 8,000 sq ft interior space has been designed by custom electronics (CE) professional Jason Voorhees of Cantara in Costa Mesa, California and Laguna Beach-based home theatre designer Slayman […]

Humphrey Bogart Lighter Gold Edition by S.T.Dupont

Humphrey Bogart Lighter Gold Edition by S.T.Dupont

S.T.Dupont celebrates its 140 year, by releasing a range of a very special lighter as a tribute to two clients of S.T. Dupont, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, S.T. Dupont. Its a new thematic edition with a complete range of products for her and for him. S. T. Dupont Lighters are very technical products ensuring […]

Kobe Bryant Memorabilia on Auction

Kobe Bryant' Lower Merion High School jerseys

A range of Kobe Bryant memorabilia is going to be offered at Goldin Auctions at the New Jersey. A June auction featuring more more than 100 items of unique memorabilia from the early basketball life of Kobe Bryant. His Lower Merion High School jersey from his freshman season, the lone year in which he donned […]

wFoil Albatross, Something Between the Boat and Aircraft

Fly This Boat Right Over the Water: Meet the wFoil Albatross

wFoil 18 Albatross hydro foil actually flies over the water. More than a boat, the wFoil uses its hydrofoils to soar above the water in much the same way a plane uses its wings, giving you the option of bypassing rough waters by speeding over them. It can reach speeds up to 90 mph. The […]

Ultimate Birdhouse by Clas Ohlson Brings Back Birds in Your Garden

Ultimate Birdhouse by Clas Ohlson

If looking for something extraordinarily cool for your feathered friend, Clas Ohlson, a Swedish homeware company took care for that. According to recent research by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, these little flying creatures are in decline (the numbers of house sparrows and bullfinches have dropped by 17 per cent and 20 […]