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Champagne Glass Shaped Like Kate Moss’ Breast?

We all know British model Kate Moss. But how many of us know the exact shape of her breast? Well now, everyone will know, since a London restaurant has created a Champagne glass shaped like Moss’ left breast. London’s 34 restaurant, where Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday, has commissioned British artist Jane McAdam Freud […]

Custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater

This is custom-made Star Wars Death Star Home Theater. It’s no joke, this theater is in someone’s house! The owners of this residence commissioned Doug Chiang who produced the original concepts for the theater. Who better than a Star Wars designer to design a theater based on the Death Star? The lobby of the residence […]

Minacciolo’s Luxury Kitchen With Island

Minacciolo‘s English Mood kitchen is now also available in a luxury version. A few refined details give this collection a new look, making it more prestigious and aristocratic. The fronts of base units and tall units consist of pull-out columns which house either bottle racks or food racks made of metallic wire. The new height […]

New England’s Tallest Lighthouse Reached $78,000

New England’s tallest lighthouse reached $78,000 at auction, but the federal government must still approve the sale. The Boon Island Light station which was reportedly built way back in 1855 on a small rocky island 6 miles off Maine’s coast has attracted more than a dozen bidders. Bidding was originally set to end around noon […]

First Issue of Superman Reached $3.2 Million

A pristine copy of Action Comics No. 1, the first appearance of Superman in 1938, sold for a record $3,207,852 Sunday in an auction on eBay. This Holly Grail of Comic-Book received an “actual bid” of nearly $2.2 million on Friday evening, with two days left before the virtual gavel fell, according to eBay’s auction […]

Vintage Luxury Luggage at Bonhams Goodwood Revival Sale

Bonhams Goodwood Revival sale promises to take you on your journey in style, offering stunning vintage luggage. Whether you’re flying on a budget airline or cruising in style, these antique pieces can still evoke a wonderful sense of nostalgia. “It’s stylish nostalgia,” said Toby Wilson, Bonhams Head of Automobilia, “vintage luggage evokes images of exciting […]

Rolls-Royce Wraith Bicolor Special Edition

Rolls-Royce Wraith boasts the most daring design, the highest performance and greatest strength, which is characterized by timeless elegance, the kind we’re used to in a car of this prestigious brand. At this year’s Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance event in the United States, Rolls-Royce has presented to the public a special edition of the Wraith.  […]