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Unique Custom Toy Made From Your Child’s Drawings

Let Child's Own Studio Transform Your Kid's Drawing Into a Unique Plush Toy

You want to make happy your child by giving a truly unique gift? Child’s Own Studio might be just for you! You just have to take your child’s 2D sketches and drawings, and Vancouver mother and craftmaker Wendy Tsao behind her project Child’s Own Studio will transform them into one-of-kind stuffed toys. Customised soft toys […]

Now You Can Make Scrooge McDuck “Gold Coin Swim” – Swiss Bank Safe Laden with 8 Million Coins on Sale

Swim in money Uncle Scrooge style – For sale a Swiss bank safe laden with 8 million coins

How many times have you been jealous of Scrooge McDuck. Probably every time when you watched him making famous “Gold Coin Swim“. Many have asked how much money does one need to pull off the money swim, and many of them even tried to come up with a formula to compute. But why bother with […]

Gold Print of Battlefield 4 Battlepack Will Cost You $2500

Battlefield 4 gold battlepack goes up the wall as a $2500 gilded print

$2500 for a gold battlepack from Battlefield 4? This one of the most extravagant pieces of video game memorabilia is actually gold print of battlepack, result of a collaboration from Dice and art dealers Cook and Becker. A high resolution render of the battlepack is “hand-embellished and gilded” in 24-carat gold leaf and gold paint. […]

$14.2 Million Little Book of Psalms – World’s Most Expensive

The biblical “Bay Psalm Book’ fetches $14 m, becomes the world’s most expensive book

Little book of psalms from 1640, which is believed to be the first book printed in the today’s United States, sold yesterday for $14.2 million at Sotheby’s New York thus setting the auction record for a printed book . ” Bay Psalm Book ” was sold at auction in Manhattan, was estimated to be worth […]

Iconic Maltese Falcon Statuette Sold for Over $4 Million

The Maltese Falcon statue sells for $3.5 million

An iconic statuette used in John Huston’s classic film noir The Maltese Falcon, has just sold for £2.5 million ($4,05 million). The only figurine of two made for the film was the highlight of Bonhams auction, held on November 25, in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies (TCM). The 45-pound, 12-inch-tall statuette with a Warner Brothers […]

Pay Your Virgin Galactic’s Ride Into Space with Digital Money – Bitcoins

Now reserve a seat on Virgin Galactic with Bitcoins

Sir Richard Branson, the business tycoon behind the Virgin conglomerate has announced on its website that, his commercial ride into space will accept bitcoins as a payment. He called it “a new exciting currency.” Earlier, he also revealed that one passenger, known only to be a flight attendant from Hawaii, already became the world’s first […]

Jay Z’s A New York Holiday Collection At Barneys

Jay Z’s A New York Holiday Collection Launched At Barneys

One of the greatest rappers of today Jay Z will cooperate with well-known chain of shops Barneys, for their traditional Christmas campaign. In the past years,that honor was given to artists such as Lady Gaga and Disney, and for this year the rap mogul was the best choice. It seems that music is not the […]