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Swarovski Star Sit Atop the 2012 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Swarovski Star with 25,000 crystals to adorn the 2012 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

In late November or early December, Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been raised every year since 1933. This world-wide symbol of the holidays in New York City, now traditionally adorned with Swarovski Star that will sit atop of the this years’ Christmas tree will be unveiled on November 20th, at 11:00 a.m, at Rockefeller Center, […]

“Christmas Stars 2012″ – Luxury Christmas Gift by Mercedes-Benz


How many times have you asked yourself “what is the ideal gift for the person that has everything?” Now, with Christmas Stars 2012 – luxury Christmas gift collection by Mercedes Benz, the answer was given. Over 40 over ideas for presents for the whole family is now available from dealership or online at Under the […]

XGOLF Brings World’s Leading Golf Simulator in the U.S.

XGOLF simulators

It is scientifically proven that golf has many advantages such as socialisation, physical exercise, stress relief and the development of personal skills including honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect. As such, golf as one of the most played sports in the world, has inspired companies to create golf simulators. The best of all, XGOLF – world’s […]

Grrr! – Rolling Stones Greatest Hits Available Now

Grrr! - Rolling Stones Greatest Hits

Grrr!, the album with greatest hits of Rolling Stones is available now. Realised on Monday by The Rolling Stones, ABKCO Music & Records, Interscope Records and Universal Music Enterprises, this priceless album also features two new tracks recorded over the summer in Paris, as fans count down to a string of 50th-anniversary concerts. The songs […]

Mick Jagger’s 1969 Love Letters Could Fetch $160,000 at Sotheby’s Auction


It is said that love is priceless. But, sometimes the poverty can make to give up some of the most precious memorabilia. That happened with American singer, Marsha Hunt, Mick Jagger’s first baby mama, who decided to sell her love letters, written by the “Satisfaction” rocker in July and August of 1969. Hunt, who has […]

Assouline Celebrates the 110th Anniversary of Cadillac with Limited Edition Book

Assouline 110th Anniversary Cadillac Book

When some of the best thoughts and visions of creative minds come into the hand of Assouline, they become luxury. The synonym for luxury book, Assouline which seeks to be an engine of culture, celebrates 110th anniversary of Cadillac by releasing a limited edition book about this one of the most iconic brands in the […]

70 Year Old WW2 Toy Plane Sold for £10,000 at Auction

70 Year Old WWII Toy Plane

Who knows how many unknown treasures lays undiscovered in some lofts and garages? One such case occurred with a toy airplane, bought during WWII, which lay in a loft in Bristol for seven decades. But this toy aeroplane, with very touching story behind, sold for a whopping £10,000 ($15,950) to an American collector at auctioneers […]