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A Revolutionary Jentle Pet Spa

Jentle Pet Spa promises a therapeutic bathing experience for your pooch

MTI Baths unveiled bath for your pets made so it is not excluded that you find yourself in it when you see what kind of luxury dispose. The Jentle Pet design includes a generously sized bathing well, spacious shelves for shampoos and supplies, and a low-profile, rounded front for human comfort. This creative bathing vessel has […]

BMC launches Lamborghini Limited Edition Bike

BMC Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec Bike

Lamborghini is celebrating half a century of its existence, although as many thought that the central detail of this anniversary is new Veneno, unveiled in Geneva, it is not so. New Lamborghini for just $33,000. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. With one important note, this is a model with two wheels and no engine, […]

Recovery in Style! Lady Gaga’s Specialised 24-carat Gold Plated Wheelchair


Even recovery from a hip surgery can be in style! For who else than for Lady Gaga. The 26-year old singer commissioned Ken Borochov, of luxury brand Mordekai to design wheelchair especially for her so that she could whizzing around New York City in a 24-carat gold plated wheelchair. Young Diva who has been forced […]

Royal Blood at Auction – Louis XVI Bloodstained Cloth Heads to Paris Auction

King Louis XVI blood stained cloth on auction in Paris

Maybe you didn’t know that Louis XVI (1754-1793) is the only King of France ever to be executed, and his death brought to an end more than a thousand years of continuous French monarchy. And now, a piece of bloodstained cloth from the beheading of Louis XVI following the 1789 French Revolution is set to […]

New Toy for the Rich – Spymaster’s Orcasub $2 million Made-to-order Private Submarine

Spymaster's Orcasub

Spymaster – London’s leading spy shop supplying surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal protection equipment showed its creativity when released a mock-up of a $2 million private submarine. New toy for the rich people, dubbed “Orcascub” is a made-to-order submarine that can drop up to 2,000 feet into the briny depths with two passengers who can climb […]

Juan Latino’s Rare Manuscript On Auction At Swann Gallerie

Juan Latino’s rare manuscript up for auction at Swann Galleries’ event in New York

Juan Latino was son of black slaves of the second Duke consort of Sessa since 1520, Luis Fernández de Córdoba, deceased Rome, Italy, 1526. He went to Granada where he was educated together with his master’s son and the grandson of another famous, Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, El Gran Capitán. Juan Latino emphasized especially in […]

Versace Tableware Collection for a Glamorous Home

Versace Tableware Collection for a Glamorous Home

Nothing new that renowned fashion houses such as Versace, Calvin Klein, Hermès and Christian Lacroix Maison (for the first time) showed their skills in dressing up the tables for meal time with their exclusive collection of tableware. The fascinating style of the Italian fashion emporium – Versace is once again displayed on its latest range […]