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Reunite With Your Puppy – $100,000 for Cloning

Korean company can clone your dead dog and revive your pet love for $100,000

Pet cloning is nothing new. The first commercially cloned pet was a cat named Little Nicky, produced in 2004 by Genetic Savings & Clone. As the science of animal cloning has progressed within the last few years, this procedure is now available in Korea, according to company called My Friend Again. But if you want […]

New Way to Get around – Jetson E Bike by Urban Outfitters

Own It: Jet Down the Street On a Jetson Electric Bike From Urban Outfitters

There is a new way to get around – on Jetson E Bike by Urban Outfitters. After featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2012, Jetson E Bikes is finally here – it will soon be available at five of their locations across the U.S. You can ride around the town in style on […]

Chef Giada De Laurentiis Cooks up in Her Very First Restaurant in Vegas

Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis to Open New Restaurant in Las Vegas

Food Network star, celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is ready to cooks up in her very first restaurant in Las Vegas. Her yet to be named restaurant will be the sole dining venue in the heart of the dynamic city, in the new Gansevoort Las Vegas, a luxury resort on the former site of Bill’s […]

Mont Blanc’s Fountain Pen For $1.14Million

Now they managed to produce Ruby Fountain Pen, which is worth a whopping $1.14 million

Today’s young generations not only do not know how to write with fountain pen, but a good number of them had never seen the device for good writing except perhaps in grandfather’s drawer or on television, during the signing of an interstate act. Today’s writing with fountain pen is paramount, the emanation of personal style […]

The New Collector Safe XL From BUBEN And ZORWEG

they unveiled, his grown up brother, the Collector Safe XL

Product of BUBEN&ZORWEG company, Collector Safe, has successfully attracted attention in the global market. Now they unveiled, his grown up brother, the Collector Safe XL. XL designation means that it has grown taller by 30 cm to 110 cm in comparison to the Collector Safe. The result is more room for extensive collections and greater […]

New Heritage Collection 1912 From Montblanc

New Heritage Collection 1912 From Montblanc

The Montblanc brand is deeply commitment to arts and culture. Philosophy of the company Montblanc is to produces things with long-term value. Their goal is to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community, and creating a synthesis between cultural life and writing culture. Their new inspiration is new Heritage Collection 1912, a fountain pen […]