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Historic Russian Space Capsule Goes Under the Hammer

Historic Russian VA Space Capsule Valued at $1-2 Million Going to Auction in Brussels

The Vozvrashchayemyi Apparat Space Capsule is probably the first spacecraft that entered space twice in its history. And, now you have a chance to buy this piece of space history, since this former Soviet space capsule goes under the hammer by Kunsthaus Lempertz auctions. It will be auctioned in Brussels on May 7th, at an […]

Problems Of Rowan Atkinson And His Mercedes SLS AMG

Problems Of Rowan Atkinson And His Mercedes

Even the biggest stars can have problems faced by ordinary mortals. For example, when you need to bend down to get into the car after shopping at the supermarket. The difference in the case of actor Rowan Atkinson, known for his role as Mr. Bean in the eponymous series and movies, is that he bends […]

Rare Ming-era Wine Cup Sold for Record $36,8 Million

Small Chinese cup sells for $36 million

A rare Ming-era wine cup broke the world auction record for any Chinese porcelain, selling at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong for £22 million ($36,8 million). Shanghai tycoon Liu Yiqian bought the porcelain cup decorated with a colour painting of a rooster and a hen tending to their chicks. Bidding started at more than $20 […]

World’s Largest Gold Nugget Created from a Single Crystal Worth $1.5 Million

World's Largest Gold Nugget Created from a Single Crystal Worth $1.5 Million

Scientists at the U.S. National Laboratory in Los Alamos, with the help of neutron scanner determine the credibility of the largest gold nugget ever found that originated from a single crystal of this precious metal. Nugget extracted from the river in Venezuela decades ago has the size of a golf ball and weighs 217.78 grams. […]

Eurocopter EC130 – Luxury Helicopter on Sale in UK

Eurocopter EC130 - Luxury Helicopter on Sale in UK

Owning a Eurocopter EC130 helicopter might be a whim that would be coveted by many, but few can think about getting one, since the market for used models is pretty limited. For the purchase of luxury helicopter Eurocopter EC130 you need £1,295,000 ($2,165,000). The specimen seems in perfect condition, thanks to regular maintenance and use […]

Gold Plated Skateboard by SHUT Will Cost You $15,000

A New York company has launched a gold plated skateboard for $15,000

SHUT is one of the oldest skateboard companies in the game. So, no wonder why exactly they rolled out a fully gold plated skateboard. This 99.999% electro plated gold skateboard not only looks good, but its gold-plated parts are also fully functional. It is polished to a mirror finish and made from the highest quality […]

For Picnic in Style – Tiffany Wine Carrier And Picnic Basket

Tiffany Wine Carrier And Picnic Basket Adds Style To Al Fresco Dining

When hear Tiffany, the first association is diamond jewelry. But this world’s premier jeweler and America’s house of design shows its art skills when it’s about creating wicker baskets and carrier. So, if you want to have picnic in style, it’s time to get your own a Picnic Basket and a Wine Carrier from Tiffany […]