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BUBEN&ZORWEG Celebrates 20 Years in Luxury

BUBEN&ZORWEG - 20 years in luxury

In 2015, BUBEN&ZORWEG celebrates two decades in the global luxury business, being today a burgeoning luxury empire with a manufactory in the heart of Germany’s engineering region near Stuttgart. It has an international presence in over 100 countries, seven stand-alone boutiques and twenty in-shop boutiques. With an accent on sleek, head-turning design and cutting edge technology, […]

Luxury Concrete Sinks By Pietra Danzare

Luxury Concrete Sinks By Pietra Danzare

Nice and durable, these contemporary concrete sinks from the company Pietra Danzare have a cool industrial chic design, coupled with a touch of luxury. They are made in a form of a rectangular plate, which looks like they were shaped by water, and has a flat, a slight decrease towards the sewer. You can customize […]

New Burberry Bloomsbury Bag

New Burberry Bloomsbury Bag

Burberry brand is presenting a new model of Tote bags. This luxurious and world-famous fashion brand presents to us Bloomsbury bag model, which is characterized by a hand-painted alligator skin, and is a part of the Burberry Prorsum brand. Made of leather panels with interesting hand-painted designs, each bag in this collection proudly carries floral […]

Dubai Will Get World’s Biggest Shopping Mall

Dubai Will Get World's Biggest Shopping Mall

Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum revealed plans for a sprawling real-estate project known as Mall of the World that will include the 8 million square foot (743,224 square meter) mall, a climate-controlled street network, a theme park covered during the scorching summer months and 100 hotels and serviced apartments. Plans for the […]

Brazilian Authorities Discovered $4.5 Million Artworks Smuggled from US

Brazil finds artworks smuggled from US worth $4.5 million

Brazilian authorities have discovered artworks smuggled from US worth $4.5 million. A total of 20 artworks bought in auctions and from galleries abroad were hidden in moving containers sent from Florida. The country’s Federal Revenue Service later admitted to the media that their suspect is a company who is believed to have done this to […]

Tracey Emin’s Dirty Bed Sold for £2.2 Million at Auction

Tracey Emin’s Dirty Bed Sold for £2.2 Million at Auction

This really could be ‘the end of an era’. Tracey Emin’s controversial My Bed modern artwork has sold at Christie’s auction for £2.2 million (3,77 million). The controversial work, which features an unmade bed and a littered floor including empty vodka bottles, cigarette butts, pregnancy tests and discarded condoms, was made in Emin’s Waterloo council […]

Perfect for Summer! World’s Fastest Hot Tub

Perfect for Summer! World's Fastest Hot Tub

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Always do sober what you say you’d do drunk, that’s the only way you’ll learn.” Many years ago two young engineers from Los Angeles drank a little more and got the crazy idea to make the fastest hot tub in the world. Following Hemingway advice, they did not give up his […]