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Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

Extravagant Shower By Zuchetti.Kos

Wazebo is perfect for enjoying your morning shower, or for day or evening shower. It was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zucchetti.Kos. This independent unit will certainly provide a special character to the open space. Place it in your own mini pavilion and this fantastic shower will banish all your concerns and take […]

Do you Need Tank? Fully Functional M37 Goes Under the Hammer

Do you Need Tank? Fully Functional M37 Goes Under the Hammer

Do you need tank? You never know whether you need! Well, here’s your chance since, fully functioning M37 Tank goes under the hammer. That’s not all, it also comes with a 105mm Howitzer and a .50cal M2HB machine gun – both of which are 100% operational. So, you’re more than ready! You just need the […]

Luxury Toilet Paper With 24-Carat Gold Motifs

Luxury Toilet Paper With 24-Carat Gold Motifs

Golden toilet paper. It’s not new. We’ve already have a chance to see this crazy creation worth $1,376,900 million. This time it’s about more affordable version of the ridiculously luxurious loo roll. German designer Fritz Loibl, has managed to transform toilet paper in a luxury product by embossing it with 24-carat gold motifs. His de […]

Extraordinary Private Collection Of Marilyn Monroe Photographs At Heritage Auctions

Extraordinary Private Collection Of Marilyn Monroe

With feminine curls, always dressed in tight-fitting dresses, that are challenging emphasized its really impressive curves, cuddly voice, has became a sex symbol of the fifties, a myth that still has not managed to tear down any actress. Marilyn Monroe remains one and unrepeatable. More than 30 years after death, she has been declared as […]

Luxury Bus Service from DC to NYC – Royal Sprinter

The new bus service offers transportation for just eight passengers direct from luxury hotels for just $90 each way

Travelers between Washington and New York City can be relieved. Starting April 4, Washington, DC restaurateur and real estate leasing agent Andy Seligman will launch Royal Sprinter, a luxury bus service that will travel between DC and NY. “There’s a market for people who will pay a little more for a lot more service and […]

Wu-Tang Clan Will Release Only a Single Copy of Their New Album

Wu Tang set to release the most exclusive music album in the world

Many fans of Wu-Tang Clan will be disappointed since their new album titled The Wu – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin will be released just in one copy. The lone copy, encased in a silver and nickel box crafted by British-Moroccan artist Yahya will be toured in museums and art galleries before eventually being […]

Your Wedding On Social Media for just $3,000

Hire a ‘social media wedding concierge ‘ for $3000

How can you claim that your wedding was perfect without sharing it on social media? To be sure that this job doing well, you have to hire professional consultant. W Hotels in New York is offering its wedding clients this new service. For $3,000, you’ll get your own “social media wedding concierge” to make sure […]