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Karim Benzema Splashed Out $250,000 On Diamond-encrusted Football

Karim Benzema found very strange and expensive way to show his love for soccer. Real Madrid striker who continues to be linked to Arsenal this summer, has reportedly spent $250,000 on a life size diamond-encrusted football. The 27-year-old French international, with celebrity jewelers Dave Bling and Will Da Boss of DWS Jewerly and Co. to […]

Aerelight OLED A1 Desktop Lamp Lasts 18 Years

What do you think about lamp that will last 18 years, and in the same time it doubles as wireless charger? Aerelight looks to have achieved that with the OLED A1 desk lamp. This innovative aluminum frame lamp, is ultra thin and produces a natural light with the promise of no eye strain that should […]

From Darkness Comes Light! – John Varvatos Dark Rebel

John Varvatos‘ latest fragrance is Dark Rebel. It is advertised by the slogan “From Darkness Comes Light,” with longtime John Varvatos model muse Jonas Kesseler as the face of campagne. New fragrance is inspired by Varvatos’ return to Detroit, intended for rebellious men who think outside the conventional framework, individuals who march to the beat […]

Forget Yachts, Billionaires Now Want THIS!

Billionaires who don’t know how to spend their vast amounts of money will soon be able to purchase no less than their own portable island. Christie’s International Real Estate has announced plans for the world’s first floating islands, which will initially be built in the Maldives. Although the price has not been revealed, a chain […]

Montblanc M Pen By Marc Newson

Montblanc has partnered with industrial designer Marc Newson to create a set of luxury writing instruments. This is Montblanc’s first ever collaboration outside its maison. The result is set of pens with a magnetic closure system and nibs plated with rare metals. Appropriately titled the “Montblanc M,” the instrument brings together the maison’s long history […]

Podzook – Bespoke Backyard Sanctuary

Home office! Writers nook! Epic play space! Bespoke backyard sanctuary! All these describe Podzook. Designed by a trained architect Judy Bernier, this epic, innovative, and eco-friendly object that was originally made for the UK is now available in North America. Built in Maine, the Podzooks are crafted using locally sourced materials from this richly abundant […]

BUBEN&ZORWEG Billionaire-style interior design

BUBEN&ZORWEG are no strangers to the unsual requests of today’s super rich, wherever they are located round the world. Their interior design projects include customizing a safe to fit alongside a Lamborghini in the living room of a city penthouse and soldering bespoke metal skulls to a safe door. The company which celebrates two decades […]