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Corum Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique Watch – Inspired by Delicate Perfection of Snowflakes

Corum Golden Bridge Tourbillon Panoramique Watch

Corum, reputable Swiss watchmaker, founded in 1955 in La Chaux de Fonds, has always excelled with its striking and elegant designs, but is perhaps most famous for its flagship “Admiral’s Cup” line which has maritime pennants instead of numbers marking its colorful dials. Now, the brand will certainly be remembered by exemplary piece of master […]

Beyonce Splashed Out $3 Million for Hublot Watch – Birthday Present for Jay-Z

Beyonce Splashed Out $3 Million for Hublot Watch - Birthday Present for Jay-Z

It’s nice to be loved by Beyonce. Popular singer bought Hublot Big Bang watch, worth $3 million as birthday present for her husband Jay-Z. One of the most financially successful hip hop artists, Jay-Z turned 43 years old on December 4th, so Beyonce decided to buy him something special. Since Jay-Z is an avid watch […]

World’s Most Expensive Clock – Rare Breguet’s Clock from 1795


Abraham-Louis Breguet was Switzerland’s horologist who is meritorious for many innovations of watchmaking in France such as innovative escapements, including the tourbillon, automatic winding mechanisms, and the overcoil (an improvement of the balance spring with a raised outer coil). His hands work from 1795, rare Sympathique clock, is the world’s most expensive clock, since it’s […]

MB&F HM5 On the Road Again – 70′s Inspired Watch

MB&F HM5 On the Road Again

Two years after the release of the MB&F HM4, Maximilian Büsser & Friends (MB&F) launches their new, fifth, Horological Machine, called HM5 On the Road Again. Each year, the renowned Swiss watch manufacturer introduces new Horological Machines, whereas last year made an exception presenting an entirely new collection, featuring the Legacy Machine 1, so we […]

Backes & Strauss Victoria Blue Heart Give Them a Voice

Backes & Strauss Victoria Blue Heart Give Them a Voice

Backes & Strauss are delighted and proud to reveal the bespoke designed Victoria Blue heart, created an crafted in white gold with white diamonds and blue sapphires to directly benefit and highlight the work of the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign against Human Trafficking, which we wholeheartedly support. The Victoria Collection is inspired by Backes & Strauss […]

New Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Duomètre Unique Travel Time – Limited Edition


Swiss luxury watchmaker added one more impressive model to its already stunning Duometre family, this time in a limited edition travel-time watch in white gold called the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Unique Travel Time. The watch was just unveiled at a press conference in Paris by Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Jerome Lambert. New travel time watch is based on […]

Hublot Big Bang Zebra Bang to be Unveiled at Geneva Trade Show

Hublot Big Bang Zebra Bang

The call of the jungle continues. After the success of the Hublot Leopard Bang and the Boa Bang, it is the turn of the highly fashionable zebra print to dip its hooves. The height of sexiness and cool, zebra print is everywhere. Seen on the catwalks and all the It girls, zebra stripes are the […]