Cessna Announces Citation Ten, Advanced Version of the Citation X

Cessna Citation Ten
Cessna Citation Ten

Cessna Aircraft Company has announced at the 63rd NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention in Atlanta the launch of the Citation Ten, a larger, advanced version of the world’s fastest certified business jet, the Citation X. Along with upgraded Rolls-Royce AE3007C2 turbofan engines with new fans, the twinjet will host two newcomers to the Part 25 aircraft market – Garmin for the integrated avionics suite and Heads Up Technologies for the cabin management system.

The new Citation Ten enjoys an increase of 211 nautical mile in range at high-speed cruise, a 214-pound increase in maximum payload and a faster rate of climb straight to 45,000 feet. There is a 15-inch longer fuselage for more cabin space, winglets for more efficient performance, a new electrical system, dual lithium-ion batteries, new avionics, auto throttle, a redesigned and a proprietary fiber optic-based cabin management system.

For the intelligent cabin management system (CMS), Cessna collaborated with Dallas-based Heads Up Technologies. The Cessna CMS features an interactive touch-screen system controller at each passenger seat for audio, video, interactive moving map, cabin temperature, lights, window shades and cabin diagnostics. For the dual club-seat cabin arrangement, they have also included 110 or 220-volt electrical outlets and multiple USB/device inputs. Optional features include internet browsing, satellite radio and cabin Wi-Fi.

In total, the new Citation Ten will boost performance while offering passengers a more modern and comfortable cabin. First flight is expected in December 2011, followed by certification in second quarter of 2013 and service entry in the third quarter of 2013. Cessna has not yet revealed the price.

Cessna Citation Ten Interior
Cessna Citation Ten Interior

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