Ciclotte Stationary Bike – The Coolest Way to Exercise at Home

Ciclotte Stationary Bike
Ciclotte Stationary Bike

The home gym is usually something tucked away in the spare bedroom or the basement, but the Ciclotte Stationary Bike is that rare piece of exercise equipment one would proudly display front and center in the living room. Italian dDesigner Luca Schieppati took his Ciclotte, a concept bike that the Milan Design Museum liked enough to include in its permanent collection, and transformed it into an exercise machine.

A high end creation, it is made from carbon fiber and other such exquisite materials. Furthermore, the stationary exercise bike boasts of a dual satellite epicycloid system of four gears which rotate an outer fly wheel four times for every rotation of the pedals.

The minimalist look carries over to the Ciclotte’s touch screen display located on the upper right side of the bike’s wheel that lets the rider choose between 12 different program settings. The saddle, made with alcantara padding, is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, while the handlebars are adjustable up and downward to suit various riding positions while maintaining constant tension to the forearms.

Available in Full Carbon black, silver and purple, the Ciclotte Stationary Bike also boasts a price tag that wouldn’t be out of place for a museum piece – a cool $10,700.

[Source: Ciclotte]

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