Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector – State-of-the-Art XXL Home Projector

If you enjoy watching High Definition videos on TV and in every other form, you need a projection system that helps you do that too. Cineversum has announced an exciting addition to their roster of High Definition digital video projectors. The FORCE ONE is a state-of-the-art multi-use full-HD 1080P digital projector with a 16:9 native aspect ratio, and designed to be used with screens up to 49 feet wide.

Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector

With 1920×1080 resolution, the Force One incorporates a 3-chip DLP imaging engine and dual 200W lamps that pump out up to 6000 ANSI lumens of light. The native full-on/full-off contrast ratio is said to be 2500:1, while a high-performance dynamic iris boosts it to 10,000:1, making this the first consumer projector to achieve a 5-digit ratio on a 49-foot-wide screen.

Even more impressive, the ANSI contrast—measured using a white/back checkerboard pattern—is specified at 650:1, much higher than most home-theater projectors can claim.  Four circuit-board slots let you equip the projector with a variety of inputs, including HDMI, DVI, SDI, and analog video. The stock configuration fills two of these slots with an RGB/component input using pro-grade BNC connectors and a dual-input board with DVI and VGA connectors.

Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector - Connections
Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector – Connections

As you might surmise, generating such a large image is an expensive proposition – Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector without additional lenses costs $95,000. The available lenses include high-quality Absolute HD fixed lenses (0.67:1 and 1.1:1), 6 variations of motorized Absolute HD lenses (1.16 to 1.49:1 up through 6.9 to 10.4:1 for extremely large screens). The lenses are priced between $15,225 and $19,000.

Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector
Cineversum FORCE ONE Projector

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