Company That Promises ETERNAL LIFE, Are You Ready To Pay The Price?


A billionaire and owner of the Silicon Valley technology company, Sam Altman, will pay $10,000 to be killed to keep his brain forever preserved.
Altman is one of 25 people on the waiting list of the Nectom company, which claims to be able to use the content of the human brain on the computer and preserve it for all time.
The process involves balsamming the brain so that it can later be transferred to the computer. The person who is connected to the machine is injected with “Nectom’s” chemical for balsam. The method is allegedly “100 percent deadly.”


The company’s website states that “our mission is to preserve your brain so that all memories remain untouched: from the important chapter of your favorite book to the experience of cold winter air, baking apple pies and dinner with friends and family.”
“We believe that in this century it will be possible to digitize such information and use it to revive awareness”, says the site.
Injected liquid will cause body freezing and prevent its decay during a period of several hundred, if not thousands of years.
However, in order for the procedure to be successful, that is, to keep the brain in the cloud, the person must be alive. Therefore, Nectom plans to connect with people in the final stage of the disease. The idea of uploading human consciousness on the computer and keeping it in the cloud is increasingly popular among scientists in the Silicon Valley.
Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson believes that in 50 years we will be able to place the brain in the cloud and that people will be able to “use any android to block the real world”.


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