Control PalmShower with Your iPhone

Summer is almost over, but you have plenty of pool days left to enjoy this iPhone-controlled shower alongside your other outdoor toys. Inspired by tropical palm trees, PalmShower by Dometti offers a range of features that combines well-being and high-tech: shower, misting system, chromaterapic lights, integrated sound system, all can be managed with an iPhone application.

PalmShower by Dometti
PalmShower by Dometti

The duck-board of the shower consists of non-skid slats in teak to keep you stable while soaking. Erected out of stainless steel, this all-weather resistant al-fresco shower comes in an array of colors to suit any surroundings. The resin and polyester structure is complete with plumbing and electricity. The motorized system allows the leaves to be folded along the trunk which optimizes resistance to poor weather conditions. The PalmShower stands 8.5 feet and is made from a polyester resin similar to what’s used to make boat hulls.

Not content with just making an amazing outdoor accessory, Dometti created the PalmShower to be controlled with the iOS device of your choice. You can use the iPhone, iPad, or even iPod touch to operate all its functions, including opening and closing the palm leaves.

The PalmShower by Dometti would cost up to $19,000. Hhowever the prices could vary with selected options. All You need is a place to hang a towel.

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