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Craig ‘Please Give Me One Million Dollars’ Rowin Got $1 Million

Craig 'Please Give Me One Million Dollars' Rowin
Craig ‘Please Give Me One Million Dollars’ Rowin

It sounds like something out of a dream – you ask for $1 million, your phone rings, and a millionaire offers you exactly what you asked for. Some months back, 27-year-old Craig Rowin, a comic, used YouTube to ask any millionaire to give him $1 million for nothing in particular. Please give me $1 million. Now you have millions and millions of dollars. Give me one million. I don’t need it for anything specific, but I think it would be awesome, he says in his video and follows it up with the e-mail

Once open to public, Rowin did receive a lot of responses and finally a man simply named as Benjamin called to offer $1 million. Rowin will receive the million-dollar gift during a live ceremony held at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City on Feb. 2. So every skeptic who is just waiting for Rowin to come out and admit that the whole thing is a bunch of trickery can go see the event in person. While advance tickets are sold out, you just might get some on show day.

You can check out the Please Give Me One Million Dollars clips after break.

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