CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab – The World’s Most Exclusive Android Tablet

CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab
CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you’re looking for a blinged out tablet computer this holiday season as a gift for someone else or just as a treat for yourself, it could be worthwhile to hit up Harrods to check out the new CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab. Due to launch on the November 1st, Samsung has commissioned CrystalRoc and Micro Anvika to give a dazzling makeover to the Galaxy Tab.

Encrusted with 5,700 Swarovski Bright Crystals, each hand-applied for an optimally detailed result, it also has a bespoke Jet Hematite logo that can be customized for each individual.

The CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab will be exclusively available at Harrods, London via Micro Anvika from November 1st onwards.

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  1. I keep seeing adverts for a <a href= title=free Galaxy Tab. Do you reckon if I ask really nicely they’ll give me this for free? LOL!

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