Dear Michael Limited Edition Book with Swarovski-studded Michael Jackson Portrait

Catering to the category of Michael Jackson’s fans, Bungalow Publishing have created a limited edition monumental book called Dear Michael, that shall put on display some of the rarest aspects of King of Pop’s life. Marisa Garau and Arjan van Woensel, the founders of Bungalow Publishing, wanted to combine high value with human creativity. The Michael Jackson Book Memorial in honor of the late singer Michael Jackson features his portrait made from 3,000 Swarovski crystals and is on every book cover.

Dear Michael Limited Edition Book with Swarovski-studded Michael Jackson portrait 
Dear Michael Limited Edition Book with Swarovski-studded Michael Jackson portrait

The Michael Jackson Book Memorial consists of a strictly limited, strikingly luxurious edition of a 2,000-page, bible-like book, each copy containing 2,000 personal fan farewells. To bring to life and create a high-end, one of a kind product Marisa and Arjan brought together creative professionals from all walks of life such as artisans, designers, jewelers, printers, photographers, graphic artists and manufactures.

Available in a limited edition series of only 2,000 individually numbered copies, this book has been bound in hand crafted black leather fabric, which processes a fixed pattern of print throughout. Detailing has gone down to the finishing of the pages as well. The silky smooth texture and silver coating of the edges have ensured that they never stick to the one another and are easy to turn over under all conditions.

Along with the book, there will be a special designed two cases made from Alpine White engineered stone and sweet-scented wood from walnut tree. This case is cleverly designed to perform as a pedestal for those interested in a little bit of display. There will also be a special MJ badge, which is crafted by the same enterprise which makes the British Royal family’s official badges.

In terms of content inside, the book will contain high quality photographs and detailed tributes to the King of Pop from around the world, including the heartfelt messages, and various gestures of the fans who displayed their sadness in many ways. It will also contain some of Michael’s most famous quotes as well.

The limited edition Dear Michael Book sells for $7,499 per numbered copy. Reservations can be made through the Dear Michael web site. Apart from the limited edition, Bungalow Publishing also publish a regular, unlimited edition so that this unique book, entirely written by Michael’s most devoted fans, will be accessible to a worldwide audience. The regular edition will be on sale for $59.

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