Dot.Com Detox Package To Retune and Revive Your Energy

Did you think about electromagnetic radiation from our devices we use every day? Mobile phones, computers, lap tops, iPads, televisions – all emit electomagnetic radiation. These man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are different to those in nature and produce an environment in which our bodies have difficulty sustaining ideal levels of physical health and well-being. This causes tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, irritability, depression and stress. It now becomes paramount that we try to reduce or neutralize the levels of electromagnetic radiation that we are being exposed to. This is where Phi harmonics’ energyDOTS acts.

Dot.Com Detox Package To Retune and Revive Your Energy
An energyDOT is a small, ultra-thin disc, programmed to retune or hamonise the effects of this radiation – to help keep your body balanced and healthy – all the time. The investment is modest, the results can be profound – more energy, greater concentration, better sleep, fewer headaches, less stress and all-round wellbeing.
Now, you can detox your body while you’re in hotel.
myhotels Bloomsbury has partnered with Phi harmonics and Planet Organic to ensure you have the most rejuvenating night’s sleep; eliminating electro-pollution, whilst also genuinely recharging personal energy reserves.

Dot.Com Detox Package To Retune and Revive Your Energy

The package includes: energyDOTS (bioTAG and electroDOT); overnight stay; voucher for a freshly squeezed green juice from Planet Organic and gym pass for YMCA.
If you want to detox your body from the polluted environment already described, the Detox package at myhotel Bloomsbury, which includes boutique hotels in Chelsea and Brighton, is available from 1-28 February at a fixed rate of £159 ($180).

Dot.Com Detox Package To Retune and Revive Your Energy

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