Eminence – Wilson Benesch’s New £140,000 Speakers


Since 1989 Wilson Benesch has been the pioneer in the development of advanced carbon composite loudspeaker enclosures. As Wilson Benesch approaches its 30th-Anniversary year, the company introduced Eminence – their new £140,000 loudspeaker.
Featuring their signature carbon fibre composite monocoque enclosure and Fibonacci tweeters, the Eminence is a new floorstanding, 2.5-way, 10 driver design.


Building upon all the company has learned through the development of the Geometry series of loudspeakers and its A.C.T Monocoque enclosure; Eminence introduces a new Tactic 3.0 midrange and bass driver, Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybrid Tweeter with a new decoupled motor design, and the new A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque.
It also arrives with a high-gloss 2 x 2 twill weave carbon fibre that pays homage to the original Carbon-Nomex structure that Wilson Benesch introduced in 1989.
The largest sub-component of this complex structure requires a quarter of a million lines of CNC code and 16-hours of machining, reducing a 100kg solid billet of aluminium by more than half, to create a single 38kg Eminence loudspeaker foot. This component governs over the energy above by way of the 14mm tie bolts that generate a metric ton of compressive pressure.


The Eminence driver complement consists of 1 x 25mm WB Fibonacci Hybrid Tweeter, 2 x 170mm WB Tactic 3.0 Bass High, 1 x 170mm WB Tactic 3.0 Midrange, 2 x 170mm WB Tactic 3.0 Bass Low, and 4 x 170mm WB Isobaric Drive System Bass Low drivers.
Specs read as Sensitivity: 89dB, 4.5 Ohms Nominal Impedance, Frequency Response: 24Hz – 30KHz +/- 2dB, and a recommended minimum amplifier power of 100 watts.


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