EOps i24R3 Portable Wireless Speakers Beautify Your Home

EOps i24R3 Portable Speaker

At first glance, the EOps i24R3 Portable speaker might seem to be a sort of concept device, but in reality it is very different. It’s a real, wireless, waterproof, single-speaker surround sound system that was just announced by Hong Kong designer Michael Young.

The design is basically one sealed sound chamber filled with enough speakers for an authentic surround sound experience: four, 2.6-inch flat speakers and two, 4.5-inch passive radiator speakers. You’ll find a 2x10W Class D amplifier squeezed in that shell as well.

EOps i24R3 Portable Speaker

Plugging in or operating off a built-in lithium polymer battery, it has no inputs, instead you have to use wireless USB (2.4 GHz) or Bluetooth (A2DP) connection. It also recognizes softwares like iTunes and devices like the iPhone automatically.

These gorgeous portable speakers have been produced in an extremely limited quantity. Unfortunately its cost and availability not yet announced.

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