Ethno Village Stanisici – Rest the Eye and Soul

Ethno Village Stanisici
Ethno Village Stanisici

At the exit from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the third kilometer of the Pavlovic bridge is Ethno Village Stanisic. Ethno village Stanisic, beyond the current time and space, back to our ancestors and nature, and awakens in us the admiration of the simplicity of the former way of life.

The village was founded in 2003, as the result of the inspiration of its owner. More than a few years he has traveled throughout the Serbian villages of central Bosnia, in search for old houses and objects that would keep alive the image of the way of life at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. The result is an authentic mountain village in the middle of semberian plains.

The village is separated the two entities, one showing secular life and was built of wood. Consists of wooden houses – chalets – with furniture that belonged to them for centuries. Houses associated paved stone paths, and in the center of the village are two lakes. The other part is of religious character and is represented by the medieval architecture built in stone, which is actually a set of replicas of historical and religious significance.

Ethno Village Stanisici
Ethno Village Stanisici

The village consists of mills, dairy, smithy, a stone well, barn and authentic wooden houses, depicting the furniture and folk costumes. Water mill was built 1937th and it is still in use as well as the mill from 1917 which is still grinding flour for breads that are served at the restaurant. Inside is all that miller needed to stay in it during the season, grinding grain.

Ethno Village Stanisici - Hotel Pirg
Ethno Village Stanisici – Hotel Pirg

Hotel Pirg occupies a dominant place in the Etno Village Stanisic. Build  in medieval style and consists of two towers, Hotel Pirg is a modern hotel high category. Breathtaking exterior and refined interior offers outstanding comfort. Guests have at their disposal an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi tub, sauna, massage room, fitness room, cocktail hall from which comes out to the pool.

[Source: Etho Village Stanisici]

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