Exousia Gold – 24K Gold Luxury Water Based on Golden Petals

Gold is the buzz of the moment. Be it financial experts or makers of luxury products, everyone has taken a sudden liking for gold. Keeping in tune with the gold rush, we have spotted the Playstation 3 Slim, Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition, iPod Supreme and many more.

Exousia Gold - 24K Luxury Water Experience

However, if even all that jazz could not quench your thirst then let us serve to you the first luxury water based on 24 carat gold ever in the world. It is the Exousia Luxury water that is making us go the way we just did in the introductory passage. This one is world’s first luxury water based on 24 carat gold. Coming with infusions of anti-aging and anti-stress components, the liquid works due to a wonderful interplay of pure gold exousia with water particles.

Exousia Gold - 24K Luxury Water Experience

Packed in virgin glass bottle, the contents retain the luxurious benefits of the dazzling metal. Available in limited edition, the Exousia 24K Gold Luxury Water is certainly meant for King Midas of today.

Exousia Gold - 24K Luxury Water Experience

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