Most Expensive Buffalo In The World Has 4 Owners And Worth £8,5 Million

Most Expensive Buffalo In The World

Meet Horizon, the world’s most expensive buffalo, estimated at £8,5 million. One of the largest bovine with horns range from about nearly 1.5 meters, and is one of the most sought buffalo in South Africa. Horizon is a real gold mine, a sought-after for its impeccable genes and horns range. Game Reserve owners bought buffalo to attract tourists, a Horizon gives them the opportunity to grow the biggest and best herds. And hunting is a lucrative business in Africa, so buffalos with large horns spans like Horizon lure the most experienced hunters in search for a valuable trophy.

Most Expensive Buffalo In The World
Most Expensive Buffalo In The World

Horizon has a high-quality offspring, that he more than triples the value of every buffalo he impregnates, with a normal pregnant buffalo worth an average £38,000, to one carrying Horizon’s offspring being worth over £121,000.
The prized buffalo was originally sold by game breeder Jacques Malan.
He is now owned by four South African businessmen and resides on the farm of one of his owners, Piet du Toit, in Rustenberg, South Africa. Each of the businessmen own a 25% stake in Horizon and each can breed him with ten cows every year. They each then have the rights for the offspring that their ten cows produce.
Given the fact that its value is 176 million South African rand (£8.5 million), Horizon has become the most expensive buffalo ever. In 2013, Mister buffalo was sold for 40 million rand (£1.9 million).

Most Expensive Buffalo In The World
Most Expensive Buffalo In The World

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