Fairytale Liechtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Castle

It seems that fairy tales don’t take place only within the pages of books, but that many of them happen in real life.
Enchanting Lichtenstein Castle, located in southern Germany, is a place that looks like it could be a dramatic backdrop for the knights and beautiful girls of some bygone times. Originally built in the 12th century, and later upgraded in the 19th century, this castle is located on a cliff overlooking the Swabian Alps and the picturesque landscapes that are found in its foot.

Lichtenstein Castle

Looking at it, visitors have the impression that the castle is divided into two parts, and this is due to two different periods of its construction. The structure was originally built and rebuilt several times between 1100 and 1390 due to many wars. With each new release, the castle took on a different form. In 1802, King Frederick I of Württemberg has dismantled a part of the construction and built a hunting lodge.
Later, the castle was taken by Frederick’s cousin, Count Wilhelm von Urach, who had a special interest in history, art and architecture.

Lichtenstein Castle

Wishing to live in his own castle, Count hired architect to build him the castle near the hunting lodge. It was inspired by eponymous Wilhelm Hauff’s novel “Lichtenstein”.
During the 19th and early 20th century, the castle was the residence but in World War II substantially damaged, but its renovation approached shortly after the war ended. With the help of numerous non-profit organization, was completely renovated and today is a popular tourist destination.

Lichtenstein Castle

If you want to experience a completely different journey and return to the time of knights, you should know that the castle is open during 10 months of the year. You are able to hire a guide who will take you to an unforgettable tour, and a panoramic view from the castle walls you will not forget.

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