Fastest Racing Pigeon, Bolt Sold for $400,000

Pigeon, Bolt, participating in competitions has become one of the most expensive birds in the world. In fact, a Chinese businessman was quick to single out for a dove even $400,000.

Pigeons is bred in Belgium and trained for races regarded as the fastest in the world and is highly sought after, but the price that is offered for dove Bolt, who, of course, named after the fastest man in the world, took everyone by surprise.

Bolt - the fastest and most expensive racing pigeon

“The picture painted by Picasso worth much more than images of unknown author. Same thing is with pigeons. The Belgian pigeons are known throughout the world, as well as Belgian beer and chocolate” said Nicholas Giselbreht from auction house PIPA.

At the auction the Belgian breeder and lover of pigeons Leo Hermans sold his entire collection, or 530 birds of $5.8 million.

“Bolt is superpigeon” said Leo Hermans. Customers nine of the ten most expensive pigeons were from China and Taiwan.

A year ago, a similar pigeon was also bought by a Chinese businessman for $328,000.

Bolt - the fastest and most expensive racing pigeon

A Belgian racing pigeon called Bolt has been sold to a Chinese businessman for a world record price of €310,000

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