Ferrari 599 GTO Already Sold Out Even Before Official Presentation

Ferrari 599 GTO
Ferrari 599 GTO presented at Modena’s Ducal Palace Military Academy

Ferrari officially unveiled the exclusive 599 GTO last night. Present at this grand ceremony were Luca di Montezemolo, chief executive Amedeo Felisa and Vice-chairman Pierro Ferrari, son of the legendary Enzo. The ceremony took place at the Modena’s Ducal Palace military academy, the same location, incidentally, that sister company Maserati chose to unveil the Quattroporte Automatic over three years ago.

The grand gala, which also involved the participation of Ferrari factory test drivers and military cadets in front of a crowd of 500 clients, almost seems like overkill. Never mind that the fastest road car ever built by Ferrari speaks for itself, and that the supercar is set for an additional unveiling at Beijing Motor Show later this month.

One of the most anticipated offerings from the famed Italian automaker, it is being reported that the Ferrari 599 GTO has already been sold out. The limited edition car restricted to just 599 examples, with an asking price of $462,080.

The video of the sleek speedster might just explain why this beauty sold out in no time at all.

Ferrari 599 GTO presented at Modena’s Ducal Palace Military Academy

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