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Bearing in mind that there are no low-cost high-speed video cameras that offer the video quality that professional photographers demand, guys behind Edgetronic decided to start the project and offer exactly that. They manage to create high speed video camera at a cost video professionals and consumers can afford. Simply named Edgetronic, this affordable high-speed camera is crafted by MIT engineers Mike Matter and Juan Pineda. They started the project in 2011and finished it two years later. Result was more than impressive – the camera is capable to shoot a whopping 17,791 frames per second.

Edgertronic high speed video camera shoots 18,000 frames per second

Project background:

“Revision A: The original hardware proof of concept and a software development platform. Design began in December 2011, using complete chip and board level simulation (no rework wires!). Revision A powered up in March 2012 and took the first demo video in May 2012. A great start!

Revision B: We repackaged Revision A into a more compact design. Improvements included thermal, image quality, and manufacturability. Good but still not perfect.

Edgertronic high speed video camera shoots 18,000 frames per second

Revision C: Production ready prototype. Changes made the camera smaller, lighter, easier to manufacture, and more elegant. The last image quality issues were solved. Revision C successfully passed FCC Class B emissions testing, allowing the camera to legally be offered for sale. Along the way, we wrote code. A lot of code.”

Edgertronic, San Jose, Ca now accepting preorders for their next build, which is estimated to ship in first quarter of 2014, priced from $5,495.

Edgertronic high speed video camera shoots 18,000 frames per second

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