Aston Martin One-77 Smashed In a High-speed Accident

There were 77, and now after high-speed crash in Hong Kong, Aston Martin One-77 supercar has to change title to Aston Martin One-76! Last week, one of just 77 supercars built by British brand smashed in Hong Kong. Almost $2 million worth car, Aston Martin’s most exclusive and sought-after One-77 rare vehicle, and after this accident the model has now become even rarer.

An image posted on Chinese site shows the aftermath of the crash, with the car sitting on the back of a low loader truck. It is believed to be the first ever known road incident involving this British car. Still is unclear how the crash happened, or who even was at fault. According to reports the car hit a curb at high speed, tearing out the front left wheel, which destroyed the splash board and face bar.

Aston Martin One-77 crashes in China

What is know is that the luxury car was recently delivered to its owner, who from Shenzhen, in China’s mainland. The absence of the number plates suggest that it may not have been registered or insured yet.

Due to the Aston’s ultra-strong carbon fibre monocoque, one of the One-77’s most unique features, the main passenger cell of the car appears to be intact, which means that the driver couldn’t have been seriously hurt. The vehicle’s 7.0-litre V12 engine appears to be safe, too.

The crashed car is expected to be shipped back to the UK for further assessment and to see if the damage is repairable. If it is repairable, Aston Martin’s luxury car will again rightfully called One-77!



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