Flying Motorcycles – The Future of Transport

Flying Motorcycles

Flying vehicles are a fantasy about which always fantasize. Although most people think that flying cars will be the first to soar to the heavens as private aircraft, these designers have made their flying motorcycle concepts that they think would be the perfect vehicle of the future.
Moonrider – Marko Luković
Serbian designer found on this list. Marko Lukovic has made the concept of flying motorcycle that impressed everyone.

Flying Motorcycles
Flying Motorcycles

Moonrider is a futuristic hybrid two wheeler which can be driven as a motorbike, but also acts as a flying machine.
The lightweight motorcycle is an electric-powered bike with zero emission as well a plasma jet engine to provide power in flying mode. The MoonRider is made of lightweight composite materials which allows the bike to fly efficiently. The MoonRider features two front tandem wheels that consist of electric motors powered by electric batteries. The batteries are charged up by solar panels placed in the front of the two wheeler.
Jetbike by Norio Fulikawa
Japanese designer Norio Fulikawa has also unveiled its futuristic flying concept vehicle – Jetscooter. This vehicle was invented in order to become a perfect means of transport, it is small and with adequate speed can transport you by air to the desired destination. The design is very unusual and reminds the Vespa that is produced in the next century. This motorcycle is designed for one person, so your girlfriend will have to find different vehicle.

Flying Motorcycles
Flying Motorcycles

Flike by Bay Zoltan
This design of this flying motorcycle largely reminiscent of today’s motorcycles. It looks like a sports motorcycle without wheels, which instead has a huge thrusters. As the previous two aircrafts, its purpose would be to transport you by air in a safe and quick way to a particular destination.

Flying Motorcycles
Flying Motorcycles

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