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Flying Without Wings with JetLev – Flyer, Water-Propelled Jet Pack

When we talk about the enjoyment of water sports, the latest hit is certainly JetLev – Flyer (Water-Propelled Jet Pack). After nine years of development including six years of intensive testing and refinements, MS Watersports GmbH of Germany, has created this incredible and revolutionary personal flying machine. The JetLev-Flyer is produced in Germany and sold by MS Watersports GmbH under license from Jetlev Sports Inc., Florida, USA.

JetLev - Flyer - Water-Propelled Jet Pack

JetLev - Flyer JF 250

JetLev- Flyer works on similar engineering principles as a Jet Ski, the jet propulsion system uses water from hoses to create the thrust that lifts the wearer skyward, with a flexible supply hose tethered to the fuel source and controlled by throttle, flight controls, and flyer body commands. The Jetlev is designed for both fresh and salt water use with all exposed metal pieces made of either stainless steel or hard coat anodized aluminum with Teflon coating to protect against corrosion and abrasion.

The JF 250 model JetLev – Flyer could reach an altitude of 10 m, top speeds of 47 km/h and has a cruising duration of 2-3 hours, of course depending on pilot weight. It can accommodate pilots of 1,50 – 2,00 m in height and 40 – 150 kg in weight. A digital fly-by-wire system is used to control the throttle.

Complete carbon fibre made, Jetlev-Flyer JF 250 with an astonshing 250 HP, 4 stroke engine, is offered for sale at €99,900 ($130,000) by Dania Beach-based company, JetLev Technologies. The price for last year’s model JF 220 is a bit more affordable, it is €79,900 ($103,000).

The good thing is that JetLev is now available for hire in the USA, as well as Germany and Singapore. In USA, Rocket Man offers six different flight experiences ranging from $99 to $4,000 for a full day.

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JetLev - Flyer - Water-Propelled Jet Pack 

JetLev - Flyer JF 250

JetLev - Flyer - Water-Propelled Jet Pack

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