Ford Roush GT 600RE

We’ve got enormously fond memories of the Ford GT, and now from Roush comes even more impressive version. Roush Performance, Ford’s engine development partner for the GT project, decided to take ten of the GT transformed it from 550 to 600hp.

The Ford Roush GT600RE has extracted 600hp at 6200rpm and 550lb ft at 3800rpm from the car’s 5.4-litre V8. The major mechanical change is a smaller pulley for the supercharger and a smaller belt to go round it. The rotor spins faster, forces more air into cylinders, and gets a bigger bang out the other end. Easy. There’s also a freer flowing Tubi exhaust and an uprated transmission-oil cooler.

The GT600RE is basically a highly customized version of a Ford GT sports car

Roush did not make any alterations to the bodywork of the Ford GT as a result of which the GT600RE sports an unchanged exterior appearance from its predecessor. The Roush GT600RE came in a two door coupe configuration, with alloy wheels, black powder coated rims and large front head lamps and is available in metallic paint options like matte black, tungsten silver and brick red.

Also they did not made any changes in the interior either, so the car boasts leather seats, navigating, air conditioning system, power windows, power door locks, a leather encased steering wheel and CD player along with a McIntosh surround sound system.

The price is $220,000, which is quite a lot more than the $188,000 how much this car was cost at the begining.

Ford Roush GT 600RE

Ford Roush GT 600RE

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