FrontRo – New $9,000 Electrostatic Loudspeaker


UK-based brand Mellow Acoustics unveiled its new high-end electrostatic loudspeaker called FrontRo, which was designed and hand-built, using locally sourced materials and joinery.
FrontRo has a 12” electrostatic unit that handles the mid-range and treble frequencies (600 Hz to 20 kHz), while the conventional 5.25” dynamic woofer handles the lower midrange and bass down to the lowest note on a double bass or bass guitar (40 Hz). The lower limit is constrained by the size of the enclosure, which is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible in the home, and anything below this limit is deliberately filtered to prevent distortion.


Deeper bass may be obtained using a sub-woofer that can be tucked away discretely in a corner or behind a sofa. A major advantage of a hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker is that it is less sensitive to room placement than a full-range version and can be placed closer to rear walls, although we recommend a clearance distance of 40 cm or more.
FrontRo is a passive loudspeaker, which means that you can choose whatever amplifier and partnering equipment, such as a turntable or streaming device, that you wish to use. The standard wood finish is light oak, but for a small premium you may order a pair in a veneer of your own choice such as American walnut. Grille cloths are available in gunmetal, navy or burgundy. Underneath the cloth of the electrostatic unit is a special screen that excludes dust and moisture to ensure long term reliability.
FrontRo speakers come with a price tag of £7,500, making them a pretty hefty investment.


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