Gather Your Friends Around Cowboy Cauldron Portable Fire Pit and Grill

There is no better place to gather friends and family than around fire pit or grill. Or in this case around Cowboy Cauldron – portable fire pit and grill. Cowboy Cauldrons are designed to offer a range of uses, including: a Cauldron fire pit, a grill, and an architectural feature. A Cauldron is incredibly sturdy and indestructible, yet also portable and designed to take down in seconds. It can anchor the most elegant outdoor living space one day and travel to tailgate parties, the beach, or even the company picnic the next.

The Ranch Boss Cowboy Cauldron Is Your Next BBQ's Centerpiece

Only a true cook can fully appreciate the perfection of a Cowboy Cauldron grill. The access is easy and accommodating enough to manhandle logs of any size – important if you are working with big pieces, like a half a lamb or a dozen or so racks of ribs. The grills are supported by trusses that span the entire width of the basin. This feature allows virtually unlimited carrying capacity with absolutely no danger of the grill sagging.

Each Cowboy Cauldron fire pit is hand made in the USA, giving those who insist upon authentic craftsmanship the perfect combination of timeless quality and rugged sophistication. You can choose between three models:

The Ranch Boss Cowboy Cauldron Is Your Next BBQ's Centerpiece

The Ranch Boss ($2,995) is full-sized Cowboy Cauldron, big enough to cook a whole pig on the spit or grill, or large-scale warming of the throngs at outdoor parties. 41″ Diameter and Approx 250 lbs.

The Wranger ($1,795) is midsized Cowboy Cauldron, perfect for grilling ribs for the entire neighborhood, and so easy to move and clean that many appear at the company picnic year after year. 36″ Diameter and Approx 150 lbs.

The Ranch Boss Cowboy Cauldron Is Your Next BBQ's Centerpiece

The Urban Cowboy (1,195) , the smallest Cowboy Cauldron, is still larger and more functional than any standard grill on the market. Built for a lifetime of backyard grilling, it is big enough to suspend a Dutch oven, and is able to hold large logs for bonfires. Built on a smaller scale than our other models, it is a breeze to move, fits almost anywhere, and can easily be adjusted for cooking or fire watching. 30” Diameter and Approx 75 lbs.

Included with each model are the 6’ high stand, the firepit “pot”, the chains and the grill.

The Ranch Boss Cowboy Cauldron Is Your Next BBQ's Centerpiece

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