Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Reproduce Music at Live Listening Levels

Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers
Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers

Seattle based manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems, Genesis Advanced Technologies, has announced the 2.2 Junior, a line-source loudspeaker. While the Genesis 2.2 Junior is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the 2.2 four-tower line-source system, the company claims it to be high on performance like the latter.

First announced at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the 2.2 jr incorporates a single 48-inch ribbon midrange and twelve 1-inch ring-ribbon tweeters mounted on a solid 1.5-inch thick cast acrylic baffle. It also includes two 12-inch independently servo-controlled woofers per channel. The two woofers each incorporate its own accelerometer and 600W amplifier. Three additional 1-inch rear-firing ring-ribbon tweeters complete the dipole.

This state-of-the-art system is designed to reproduce music at live listening levels with virtually no restrictions on dynamic range, frequency response, or width, breadth and height of soundstage. The Genesis 2.2 junior is commissioned, not simply bought off the shelf – it is custom-built in the USA for the most dedicated and discerning music-lovers worldwide.

Available in high gloss acrylic black through the company’s worldwide dealer network, the new Genesis 2.2 Junior speaker costs $49,000 per pair. [Genesis Advanced Technologies]

Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers
Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers

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